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  • MF
    Happy with the deal? I wasn't at first but I'm quickly warming to the idea of Franklin and Tippett up forward.
    I haven't even thought about it apart from the context that the hawks just won the GF and BF is melting down about the swans grabbing their biggest star. It's hilarious from that angle. Its hard to stop laughing.
    As for the deal, the swans know what they're doing i think. Lol, buddy and tippett - hahahahahahahaha too funny.
    3 name changes ;)
    Yes, 10 was a slight exaggeration
    Watch the progression of that thread, I think we might be catching some Marlin today.
    "I think you're mistaken if you really believe most Swans fans wanted LT suspended. Even for the few who might have, I doubt it would detract from our great win on the weekend."

    You are a classic!
    Hey MF, i'd appreciate if you could tell me of the quality of the Shake Down the Thunder DVD when it arrives.
    Planning of ordering a fair few dvds of him later on and wanted to make sure they were decent prior to doing so.
    It really depends. Are these 3 ideas relevant to all 4 texts? I'd just go with whatever way makes it easier to develop your argument from the overarching thesis. As in, whichever way makes it gives your argument more flow from one paragraph to the next.
    Another question sphincter,

    Would it make more sense to have one paragraph for each texts, or three ideas (three paragraphs) with the texts integrated throughout?
    Malefanny, haha im so witty.

    Clear your inbox. You are too popular. Anyway I'll post it here:

    quick question:

    For an essay structure, if i was to analyse like 4 texts.. would i go...:

    Conceptual statement
    Overarching thesis

    Then when I do my topic sentence (each paragrap will be a new text) are they pretty much mini thesis's which should completely link to the overarching one?
    I'm a huge fan of him, but I tend to agree, he must have done something wrong, that we don't know about. He should have been in the side from Round 1. I hope he don't turn out to be a Daniel O'Keefe type of draft pick. :(

    Is there a chance Trent Dennis-Lane could debut? Heard he kicked 7 in the reserves.
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