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  • Yes, there are exciting, truly mesmerising times ahead for us Tiger fans.

    Join me in celebrating, and being genuinely thrilled about the next few seasons at Richmond.

    Well done, just a huge resounding well done to TW and his team of top notch assistants for ensuring that every Tiger fans can have a joyous 2008 festive season, safe in the knowledge that 2009 onwards will yield the sweet fruits of a fantastic 5 year vision.
    Not offended. I remember you getting some our posters in a real frenzy. Can remember PS being called a * when posting after a loss. The comments on the Adelaide-Richmond gameday thread were actually half funny. Hope he wasnt modeled on someone you actually know.
    I've always had a soft spot for the Tigers.. was just trying to cheer some of their fans up
    Well done to Mr. X for his efforts in taking the piss out of the most optimistic of Richmond supporters.

    Well done to Terry and his coaching staff for providing the inspiration, Mr. X needed :thumbsu:
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