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  • Hi there mate really after a barcode if its still available as I am flying down from Sydney on Wednesday night. I am fairly new to the forum have only been a lurker. Not sure how to PM you
    Wtf was I barred from the post of the year thread?
    What are you talking about? You're not blocked?
    Lolz. I' am bro. I'm blocked on a few, some of which I understand why but not this one.
    Hi Equus,

    I see I am up for the preview for the Collingwood game in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I am in Sydney most of the week without access to my home PC (it's work), so I wont be able to do the preview then. If you want, I can bash one out now, and send it to you. You can then decide to post it or not next week.
    Hi Equus. Am only a few days into this. Got three pages of alerts that I don't need. How can I delete them, please? (BTW, it's addictive)
    Unwatch threads?
    Hi Equus
    I really have enjoyed reading and watching the videos on Maurice Rioli...I would love to be able to upload the video of the interview with Richo and the Ghost...My limited knowlege is so frustrating I know what I want to do but all to hard..If anyone could help in uploading that interview I am sure it would be well recieved.
    Fair enough cleaning up the s**t talk, but you shouldn't delete a post on someone's opinion. Just because we won by 120 points we can't bring up a few concerns about the team.
    Hi there, I am trying to upload a photo but for some reason when I add the image to my post it appears upside down. not sure why as it is right side up beforehand, can you help please...
    Why do you have a spatula as your avatar?
    Because I'm awesome!
    Haha okay.
    I would have thought it's there to coincide with being a Mod... you know, a warning to users that if they break BF rules they'll get a spanking.
    Hi Eq, how do I join the Corner..?
    Cheers mate.
    I've organised access with the supermods. You'll be granted permission soon. :)
    G'day Equus.
    Would be happy to have access to the Corner Hotel, please. Not sure how much I will use it as I am usually quite happy to be involved with conversations with non-Richmond folk, but it may be worth a look.


    Still interested might not be able to contribute as much as you like though.
    4 : 24.04 {CHB} - ag6858 signals for his teammates to present.
    4 : 24.08 {rHBF} - A short kick to elljay.
    4 : 24.12 {rHBF} - All up but nobody can take the mark.
    4 : 24.14 {lHFF} - tasmanlvr has it. What can he do with it?.
    4 : 24.18 {CHF} - He tries to find Big_J with a chip pass.
    4 : 24.22 {CHF} - Big_J wrestles with ag6858 - and wins. Good mark.
    4 : 24.27 {CHF} - Big_J sizes the options in front of him.
    4 : 24.28 {lHFF} - A quick handpass to tasmanlvr.
    4 : 24.32 {lHFF} - Handballs to Equus.
    4 : 24.37 {lHFF} - That's a massive kick from Equus.
    4 : 24.4 {lHFF} - Hard work pays off for Equus. It pays six points.
    COASTAL COUGARS : 16.14.110
    WESTERN THUNDER : 17.14.116
    4 : 24.43 {C} - Frothies McVeigh gets the ball down.
    4 : 24.51 {C} - PieInTheSky breaks a tackle and is off.
    4 : 24.55 {C} - PieInTheSky has time to take a bounce.
    4 : 24.57 {rW} - Kick goes sideways.

    Nicely done, game saver.
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