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  • it's inimitable Equus,
    Man's laws cannot stop the Rance!
    You should get out now while you can!
    Merry Christmas to you too mate NYE is gona be a big one.
    Hope you have a good one

    p.s. I'm not a HOTSHOT! you are!
    With all you're post rampages
    Can't say that I'll ever have a 2nd team, but I appreciate the way a lot of the tigers go about their footy, and you just can't help but love Richo. Not a bad facility down at Waverley, been thinkin of giving it a go. Was down on Wednesday watching training that thought about walking in and checkin out a membership.
    Merry Christmas to you too, i've unfortunatly developed a soft spot for the tigs over the last few years, except for after round 20 this year. But yeah, the mrs is a tig and I'm now a member. You watch a team a bit you eventually like what you see.
    You're going to push my I_Love_The_Hoff VM's off my first page if you're not careful.
    Wow, it sorta does! Perhaps its someone of another forum though... who knows?

    Appreciate that though Equus. Made me smile. :D

    Nice display pic too btw...
    Hey big E!
    Sorry mate, my comp won't let me save you as a friend.
    I definately would otherwise, but its stuffed atm sorry.

    I'll try again at some later stage if I remember!

    And I re-did my culinary post :p
    I'm considering starting a thread called 'JSFish, Equus, Vonsche, tucker, PHX, sante, cormick, Beaver Fever, TFLUA when he feels like it, a bit of emperor, bit of Iddy, an occasional contribution from rfcta talk s**t, tigers of old here and there, and oxx if we're really lucky, talk s**t'. Would that take off do you think GTF?
    Last Activity: Today 17:22
    Current Activity: Viewing Forum Richmond
    And it looks like we'll be moving on again seeing as my thread hasn't taken off the way I anticipated
    Last Activity: Today 21:58

    You must be proud of your original creation. We have now moved on to the GTF thread where a few blokes a bored and we talk s**t.
    A flourescent light tucker? Wheat or other?

    Oh and Last Activity: Today 17:46
    Current Activity: Viewing Forum Richmond

    Surely it's been a month Equus?
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