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  • We've decided to unstick the Furies thread for the time being as we try and clean up the board a little.
    Thanks for the FF invite Equus. I'm assuming that I'd have to be around for the games though, which isn't something I could commit to unfortunately. Cheers.
    Because you made it sound like the guy might actually want to stay at a basket case like Richmond :p
    Eyyyyyyyyy Eq, not much bud, how are you? heading off to nz for the australasian gf&h champs next week so pumped for that. Miss the GF too.
    Ahh Ok then. I haven't played much single player or any co-op yet. Not a massive fan of the single player in Starcraft games. Still, feel free to add me if you want.
    Yeah so did I, I think I ended up with 6 or 7 games throughout December.

    I started playing Red Faction and put it down after a while, same with Dead Space. Then I played through most of Rock Band 2, but I still have a while to go. Almost finished Batman but the end gets boring so I cbf at the moment, played 2 and a half hours of Darksiders and put it down, trying to finish God of War Collection this month so I can get GOW3 in March.

    Shouldn't have got so many games :(.
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