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  • Good luck for tomorrow night, James. I'm sure the sainters will get through to the granny for you guys this year. :thumbsu:
    Whatever mate, and you made the name as Tiller, you should keep it.

    Also, you better get up next week, I'd like a 60+ win in the Prelim, maybe it'd stop you sooking for another year ;)
    Plugger45, then. or whatever he goes as. it's plugger something. And you are the poor mans whoever it is ;)

    Gus is better than Tillerific.
    Well, honest bob has been found out to be an alias of myblues.. and admin has sorted it!
    What a dick!
    Naww your first friend! Haha lets see how long it takes for you to overcome my post count. I have s**t all. I mainly post on fantasy footy and saints s**t and occasionally when Carlton give me the shits.
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