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Oct 21, 2018 at 8:47 PM
Aug 11, 2006
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heaven on earth! (Melbourne)

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Brownlow Medallist, Male, from heaven on earth! (Melbourne)

nobbyiscool was last seen:
Oct 21, 2018 at 8:47 PM
    1. The City Boyz
      The City Boyz
      Hey mate,
      Thoughts on the Raiders match this week?
      1. nobbyiscool
        Trying not to think about it too much... took me days to get over the Eagles loss last week cos I hadn't prepared myself for it. In the case of the Raiders I'm trying not to think too much about the prospect of getting to see them here in Melbourne for the prelim next week!
        Sep 13, 2016
        The City Boyz likes this.
    2. Leet115
      Hi,You into sport Betting especially AFL/NFL?
    3. Mezz
      Hi, I've been reading your comments in the Liam Jurrah thread and I've been blown away by them. You seem to have so much knowledge and understanding of the current situation re Aboriginality, that I was wondering how you came about it? Is it purely thru experience, or do you have some sort of academic background?

      I don't think I have ever, ever been impressed by a West Coast supporter's comments, so this is a first!

      Many thanks in advance for answering my questions.
    4. KamakazeSalami
      Southside mate. Calwell. Are you heading over to Sydney for the game next weekend?
    5. KamakazeSalami
      ARe you on the northside or southside of Canberra?
    6. KamakazeSalami
      Yep. I've not been to too many local games either. Was actually meaning do you go anywhere in particular (pub/club etc.) to watch the Eagles games? Just trying to get a feel for where, if at all, most of the Eagles supporters go to watch games.

      Haven't been to a Raiders game for a while. Heading off to see the Brumbies tomorrow though.
    7. Sportman1987
      Oh yeah. Enjoy having a laid back job, just don't let it eat your soul. I'm in the pub service too.
    8. Sportman1987
      Haha, that would be good. However that said I religiously buy most of the PPV's with a few others. You at one of the unis?
    9. Sportman1987
      Good to see another MMA/AFL fan in Canberra
    10. nobbyiscool
      the local games in canberra? nah, not really... i've only been here just over a year - went to one game last year at ainslie... but wasn't that impressed. and without a car, it's a bugger to get around.

      i do go and watch the afl games at manuka, and i get out to watch the raiders a little bit.
      1. The City Boyz likes this.
    11. KamakazeSalami
      G'day. I see you're in Canberra too. Do you get out to watch the games?
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    heaven on earth! (Melbourne)
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    West Coast
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    Melbourne Victory
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    Philadelphia Eagles
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