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  • Mag girl, pretty sure mediafire is as old as the hills and a free media sharing site. I woulndt worry about reg'ing there but can always create a fake email first (eg at hushmail) and use that to reg if worried.
    I'd appreciate if you can PM or email those links to live AFL streams, I'm in the US and don't know any way to get it live except paying a lot to AFL. email is
    Silly question probably, but I still haven't been able to download anything.
    When I open the link you gave and select the stream, either nothing happens or it says I have to register.

    Is this the case? I'm just a bit reluctant to put my cc details on here
    Thanks for your help ottoman :)
    Magpie Girl
    Magpie Girl
    Do you see my comments if I reply on my profile page?

    Just in case -
    When I select, for eg, stream 21 for World Cup, and then I click on the 'play' arrow, it then takes me to a screen called media-fire-org then video stripe and says I must register
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