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    Round 1 Discussion (Dedicated to Jiska)

    :thumbsu: Thanks lads
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    Round 1 Discussion (Dedicated to Jiska)

    OK dumb question time and its probably been covered. At what point do they stop unlimited trades? It is at the bounce on Thursday or is there a rolling lockout type thing?
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    Do we need to trade some current players to improve the list?

    Richmond had these players a nd traded them out. Got eff all for them. It will be interesting to see if it bites them on the arse when they eventually cop some injuries. Tney had had a blessed run and haven't really had to fall back on their depth. I'd like to see what happens when they need...
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    “Collingwood will win 2019 AFL Premiership” Mark Robinson

    Aaaand thats it. Season over before it began:mad:;)
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    Teams 2019 Rate My Team (JLT)

    I've been really late to the party this year and not given my S/C team the attention it deserves. I'm not really happy with it but will probably roll with something similar to this: Any thoughts gurus??
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    Teams 2019 Rate My Team (JLT)

    2 of the top 3 in total points. Last year apart from Mitchell they both clearly outscored the next best. Great captain options. Its hard not to lock that in (no guarantees of a repeat of course). I've got them both currently but will muck around with different combos to see how it effects...
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    Ill be in Tails. Cant recall which league I was in last year, but it matters not!
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    Also keen if there are spots open.
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    Opposition Camp Non-Pie 2019 JLT Games

    People have been writing the Cats off for years. They aren't as good as they were a few years back, but still a very competitive side. Can't see them sliding too far, if at all. The numbers of games they play at Kardinia Park helps them a bit also.
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    Competitions Goal Kicking Competition 2019

    Saintly Viewed frizzle Copeland - Stephenson Moeydw - Beams magpie_marty Ingy Ppoiter - Mihocek caloschwaby AD2010 reggie Hong Kong Pie Morganashlee Pedro
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    Leagues 2019 Official BigFooty League Sign Up

    I'll be in. Bulls on Parade. Last year a dismal 15474 ranking
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    Player Watch Jordan De Goey (Part 2)

    I doubt it. I know its a small reference sample, but the games I saw him play (admittedly only a few VFL practice matches early on in the piece), I was underwhelmed. I thought he was a lazy player.
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    Tv series you are watching

    Just started the 2nd series. Enjoyed the first so glad to hear the 2nd is even better. Fan of JK Simmons also. But i find it hard not to see him as Vern Schillinger. That character was brutal
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    Sam Murray

    Would the need to argue that in some sort of hearing though. Or is this stuff done behind closed doors? I would have thought we would have known about some sort of hearing date by now, if there is to be one.
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