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  • Hey mate good to see you floating around the place again! How'd the fishing mission go? I caught a 5 kilo gummy last week which I was pretty chuffed about. 2 2 foot fillets can't go wrong! Beer and fish and chips on the beach that night. Not complaining.
    Yeah. There was a story that Collingwood was the most marketable club a while back and that the Pies jumper was the most valuable in terms of marketability and recognition.
    Hi Mate, Just wanna confirm something from your sig. Are you referring to your teams t-shirts and guernseys?
    Hi Pie eyed,

    just wondering if you have a link and password for tonights game 3 hour delay here in WA sucks.

    Hey There PE. Not wanting to dog you, but how you going on that standard of proof question re faith in JC, bible etc. :) Just didn't want you to forget as I am interested to hear "what it would take", as they say.
    Yeah, thanks mate.. Quicky sent me a PM.
    I will have a look and say thanks later on today when I have time.

    Pied, you don't know it, but you've opened me up to a whole new BF experience.

    I was searching in my bf account and saw your posts on the political / religious forum.

    Man, I didn't know it existed and will be a regular poster there now.

    Join me there, in the name of Smally.

    p.s. you are the topest bloke on BF.
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