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May 26, 2018 at 6:08 PM
Jun 26, 2007
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Pie eyed

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Sick of trolling fekwits on the Pies Board. Aug 28, 2016

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May 26, 2018 at 6:08 PM
    1. Pie eyed
      Pie eyed
      Sick of trolling fekwits on the Pies Board.
    2. DapperJong
      my new fav poster ya know
    3. Pie eyed
      Pie eyed
    4. Snag Breac
      Snag Breac
      I think you mean secede?
      1. Pie eyed
        Pie eyed
        Jun 3, 2015
    5. Snag Breac
      Snag Breac
      Hello old cog. Missed you.
    6. Pie eyed
      Pie eyed
      Proud to be Black and White
    7. Pie eyed
      Pie eyed
      waiting for change
    8. Pie eyed
      Pie eyed
      Adidas won't make me one.....sad face.
    9. Cory
      I remember the jumper design you made with the middle finger haha
    10. Cory
      Wow your magpie background is awesome!
    11. Quicky
      Hey mate good to see you floating around the place again! How'd the fishing mission go? I caught a 5 kilo gummy last week which I was pretty chuffed about. 2 2 foot fillets can't go wrong! Beer and fish and chips on the beach that night. Not complaining.
    12. Pie eyed
      Pie eyed
      Yeah. There was a story that Collingwood was the most marketable club a while back and that the Pies jumper was the most valuable in terms of marketability and recognition.
    13. TRAWP
      Hi Mate, Just wanna confirm something from your sig. Are you referring to your teams t-shirts and guernseys?
    14. Go Pies!!!!!
      Go Pies!!!!!
      Hi Pie eyed,

      just wondering if you have a link and password for tonights game 3 hour delay here in WA sucks.

    15. Go Pies!!!!!
      Go Pies!!!!!
      Hey Pie Eyed any news about tonight's game the i would like to hear ;)
    16. Go Pies!!!!!
      Go Pies!!!!!
      Hi pie eyed was wondering whether you had somewhere online for the game today?
    17. CharacterFirst
      Hey There PE. Not wanting to dog you, but how you going on that standard of proof question re faith in JC, bible etc. :) Just didn't want you to forget as I am interested to hear "what it would take", as they say.
    18. Parallel Andy
      Parallel Andy
      Hey Mate

      You able to PM the live stream?
    19. Swanny36
      Yeah, thanks mate.. Quicky sent me a PM.
      I will have a look and say thanks later on today when I have time.

    20. 100volt1
      how do you win? and what do you get if u do lol i might consider entering :)
    21. Snag Breac
      Snag Breac
      Any sign of life? Catatonic with happiness?
    22. Pie eyed
    23. Go Pies!!!!!
      Go Pies!!!!!
      Hey just wanted to get the password for the cats game cheers
    24. Wonaeamirri33
      Echoing what Spice said - you're doing a top job on the SRP board there Pied, kudos to you :thumbsu:
    25. Old Spice
      Old Spice
      Pied, you don't know it, but you've opened me up to a whole new BF experience.

      I was searching in my bf account and saw your posts on the political / religious forum.

      Man, I didn't know it existed and will be a regular poster there now.

      Join me there, in the name of Smally.

      p.s. you are the topest bloke on BF.
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    I’ll sit on the wing, have a few beers, relax, talk some crap, tell each other how good we were and how much better the Pies would be if we were out there.
    Now, I’m just a Collingwood supporter. I love the club and I want them to succeed.
    ” Dane Swan.
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