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  • Caught by the dreaded "420 characters or less" limitation. Thanks god that does not apply to posts on
    Leaving in a few minutes so I'll catch up with you in the post game thread hopefully.

    PS. Looking resplendent in the red and white. Not straying to the Swans I hope.
    Snag Breac
    Snag Breac
    No sir, that's my baby. Have fun with yours. Just off to defy Metro and the weather as I battle my way to the MCG. Go Pies!
    HI Snag.
    Great to see you back on the board.
    How's the writing career coming?
    I hope you and yours are burgeoning.
    I'm off to the coast to share some time with my "main squeeze" and my youngest during their school holiday sojourn tonight, so I'll have everything crossed the boys can get up tonight.
    Hey Snag. How are you/
    Great to see you on the boards.
    Snag Breac
    Snag Breac
    Geez, BF is so much harder to navigate these days. Could barely find my own profile.
    Ha ha.. how f-ucking lovely is it my Irish sausage.. Fred is almost apoplectic in his endeavors to keep me out :)

    Cheers for the endorsement on the Balloon thread mate - always fun to indulge in a little creative literary destruction, isn't it ;)

    You'll get a kick out of my follow-up to your post there too...

    I didn't live in a disputed area... it was in Holylands, near the uni, very studenty.

    Don't have a Catholic or Protestant axe to grind... I'm from a Protestant family and married to a Catholic, so I like to think I'm neutral!
    I had a bad start with the franklin suspension and beams omission.

    Jollys poor form hasnt helped either, ill work into it lol
    I don't think the level of performance or lack there of will happen for a while again yet.

    It was so bad my brother actually walked away at the ten minute mark of the last quarter, such was our performance

    Ah the joys of collingwood supporting, you going friday night? I haven't booked just getting there super early
    Hey Snag, That's because it's a dream team league.... lol Sorry, should've said.
    I shall Snary - that I shall. Just have to do some work / unin related report tonite and will do tomorrow if I remember.
    Well, I'm at uni in Wagga (NSW), studying a Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Radiography). So yeah, I had to move away from home.... :( but I'm starting to really enjoy myself :D Uni life is craaazy :p
    Snag!! Hello :)
    wow, I haven't been on here in ages! & why? because I have just started uni & for the last month or more I've been getting ready & packing and moving etc. hectic!
    how have you been?
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