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  • Hey Pie eyed - how are you? And what's with the profile make-over? The goose, for example? It's good to be back, especially with the team doing so well.
    Yeah mate that'd be good, send me the link. I'm surprised to hear the arrangement as MM's baby, I just figure in 2 years Malthouse would still be more than capable to coach at the top level so I find it interesting he is willing to simply step aside.
    Needless to say I am still ecstatic with the set up :)
    When writing that, I was actually going to say 'hopefully not the Carlton game' lol. At least you didn't have to sit through that AND the St Kilda game the following week :\
    Still, the boys have made up for it in recent weeks. Last week was a fantastic game to be at :)
    How do you have guaranteed GF tickets exactly? Part of the non-Vic membership?
    Hey buddy, how's things?
    Had a chance to make it to any games this year?
    I'm yet to miss a Melbourne game :D
    Just having a nosey - looking to see if you've got an album. I just discovered the function. Doesn't seem to be one in here, she said peering around......
    LOL And I was just checking my PM's and did not even get yours.
    I'm on now though.

    I photoshoped it, Pie eyed, but you probably already knew that:D Then I went about posting it around bay 13:D Sneaky me!:D
    Yes it is pie eyed, he is a serial forum pest who hates ebing ignored.

    I know its difficult as he does gode posters into quoting but try to ignore him. **** he shits me lol
    Done, mate. Probably advisable if a thread has already been posted and deleted on the main board, not to replicate it on the Pies board, especially when it comes to unsubstantiated rumours and the like. :)
    You give me hope. Maybe Wench has made her way into the garden. She may even now be enjoying her bush adventure. I've had some actual work to do too. It's like a nightmare!
    Hi Pie, I've inserted the Rocca wallpaper in the 2nd post in ROCCAdemption. Thanks for that. I'm eagerly awaiting the Ultimate Premium De Luxe version.
    Got a copy sorted mate (watched it last night !)
    Thanks for the offer anyway.
    Hiya Pie Eyed, thanks you for those kind words in the AR thread. And you've coined a new term; "literary ownage". Love it! Wait 'til I get some teeth.......
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