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    1. PieBeast
    2. MightyPies1
      Hey mate, I deleted my post, sorry I meant QLD converts types. Nothing against QLD'ers. Just getting pissed off with these trade suggestions.
      1. Quicky
        No worries mate. No hard feelings.
        Oct 5, 2014
    3. rustyg70
      Het Quicky,why doesn't my avatar show up on the side panel of our board?
      Have i done something wrong when I changed it??
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      2. rustyg70
        Thanks mate. I'll try that first.
        Feb 21, 2014
      3. Quicky
        It seems to have worked?
        Feb 22, 2014
      4. rustyg70
        Yeah. Thanks mate.
        Feb 22, 2014
    4. Rusty22
      Hey man, for some reason I cant quote anyone? not too sure why, help me please.
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      2. Rusty22
        aight cheers
        Nov 22, 2013
      3. Quicky
        How'd you go mate? All fixed?
        Nov 22, 2013
      4. Rusty22
        yep all good now, cheers mate
        Nov 22, 2013
    5. Pera
      So tell me Quicky, is the White Russian a worthwhile beverage on a Sunday night?
      1. Quicky
        Well Kahlua has caffeine in it so if you don't mind staying awake its an excellent beveridge on a Sunday night. Especially if your chillin to some Big Lebowski.
        Jun 2, 2013
      2. Pera
        Thanks for the heads up kind sir. I'll give it a rumble next weekend I reckon!
        Jun 2, 2013
    6. Stripes B and W
      Stripes B and W
      Hi Quicky, are we having any issues with posting? For the last few days i have been unable tp post, i get no space to type as you normally would post.
      Sorry to bother you, but wondering if its me having inadvertantly buggered something up!!
    7. Sh0rty13
      Hey Quicky, How do I get sufficient privileges to post new threads?
    8. ipswichpies
      Quicky Ipswich Pies here,Is there anyway I can find out my password as I have forgotten it and I will be using my sisters computer for a few months. Thanks
    9. lukem
      There is likely to be some errors or bugs that need reporting and tweaking as it beds down, so if you or anyone come across any of these (or have any suggestions as to what could be improved), feel free to email us at digitalmedia@collingwoodfc.com.au. Thanks mate! Luke
    10. lukem
      Hi Quicky, how're you going? Just letting you, @76woodenspooners and @Swooop know that we have just launched the new collingwoodfc.com.au. I don't have access to the creation of new threads, but if you get the opportunity, it would be great if you could start one on my behalf?
    11. Copeland
      Hi mate can you change my thread name from
      "All Free Agency News." to "All Trade News " please mate.
    12. Copeland
    13. Temploar
      Hey mate, goalkicking game now has 32 people i think. Any news on a prize?
    14. Fitzy
      Hi mate hows it going?
      Whats the protocol in regard to selling or offering tickets for Anzac day?
      I'm not trying to make $$$ just I have had to pay $$$ to sit with my brothers who I have attended every Anzac day game with since 1995.
    15. Swooop
      Sent by PM instead
    16. abs_of_STEELE
      Thanks mate, I'm sure things will pick up once March is gone. Always tell myself that it could always be worse anyway!
    17. abs_of_STEELE
      Didn't think anyone would see that! But thanks for the thoughts mate, always nice to see that people care.

      She's not going too well but nobody going through it does, obviously. Tough on all the family but we just keep telling ourselves that she finishes treatment right before the start of the season. After March she needs to go in every couple of weeks but not for kemo or the drug she's on atm, so it should be easier on her. She'll start growing her hair back in April which is a massive thing itself. The next few weeks will be tough as they said she'll get worse, and she's already feeling a lot of pain right now. She struggles to walk more than 10m so she's basically just living in bed. We just want the Hawthorn game to hurry up and get here!
    18. lozza63
      Hey Q could you please proof read Dids for me (feel free to edit it) - just hope it comes across ok? Also how the hell do i bold my reviews - they look a little pale in comparison to the others - cheers mate.
    19. TheGreatGrundy
      Just noticed your question which is now 2 months old but I thought I would tell you that I am still off the durries and found it suprisingly 'easy' after being a committed smoker for 40 years! Thanks for asking.
    20. Stephen Shavedham
    21. Tyler Durden007
      Tyler Durden007
      I did love Tarantino, but Fight Club transpired his efforts... right now, my favourite movie waxes between In Bruges and No Country for old men...
    22. joxstrap
      Yup. A line bet on Brisbane with Duritz. Sig was his choice, and I'm a Brion supporter until Sunday. I'm suck with any Daniel Merrett avatar for a year. I actually quite like it though.
    23. Shade
      Hi i was wondering where or how do you get the little badges under your name like the didak ones ?
    24. Gone Critical
      Gone Critical
      Thanks Quicky for your message . Bit shocked but honoured to be part of any tribute to Didaka

      Cheers GC
    25. murph4charlie
      yo - why did i get an infraction?
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