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  • you might need to clean up abit in the magpies swoop on ben richmond. they are talking about spelling instead of ben richmond, thanks!
    Hi Swooop, thanks for posting the membership information in the Copeland Trophy thread. Greatly appreciate your help. Hope everything is well. Cheers! Luke
    Hi Swoop. Can you please move the thread i just started to be a part of the Match Day thread. My thread isn't really thread-worthy i don't think. It will be more relevant in the match day thread. Thanks heaps
    Hi Swooop, apologies for only receiving your visitor message now - I don't have the ability to send PMs currently (from memory it's a minimum of 25 posts required), so if you'd like to PM my old J26 account, I can contact you there?

    p.s: Im an old fella. I dont/will not say shit the isnt true.
    p.p.s; If you hear me talking about Freo,believe me..I know a few players and rumours say I know the Big Boss of the club.
    Gday mate. Just spoke to my mate(who is a brother of a high up East Freo board member(he also played for North Mlbourne). He will get back to me about how they think Fasolo plays when the pressure is applied.
    Thanks for that, yeah Bruny is half my blood so to speak. Just got some more land at Alonnah. Enjoyed all your posts so far, keep up the great work.
    All the best, Swooop :)
    hey cheers missed this thanks for the welcome
    a melbournite orginally, born into a pie family in the early '60s
    Excellant holiday destination Bruny - I'm based in Geeveston
    Flight got cancelled so i'm back at home. I'm happy to get the player review up post match.
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