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  • Hey Teach,
    You're not going to believe this but I now have tix to the game THANKS to the Geelong Football Club - class act -Did you want me top buy you a beer / meet up at halftime ? eg.
    You may not be going, but just a thought.
    When I know the details Ill let you know where these tix are....probably behind a post :)
    Tyler Durden007
    Tyler Durden007
    Glad you got tickets, it'll be a ripping game. I'm not going as I live in Melbourne and I'm a lazy prick so I'll just sit at home and shout at the TV and Motlop about how s**t he is. Good ground K-Park, many happy memories from there.
    Just pulled my kids aside and pulled down my life sized card board cut out of Buddy from the rumpus, and explained whats going on. My 6 year old son turns to me and said "We should've had one of Hodgey anyway Dad."

    Maybe we all take a leaf out of his book.:thumbsu:

    By the way Saul is the bomb!
    Gday TD,
    I know you mod the bay but do you have the ability to move a thread from a different forum to the bay?
    I made 'Suns vs Norf GDT' under footy fourth estate by mistake an hour or so back - just figured out where it got to, whoops!
    Thought i'd get in first before someone cards my arse :)
    regardless of the s**t stirring on the bay, I certainly wont be writing off the cats.
    Obviously you cant stay on top for ever, you may be declining, but geelong can produce anything on any given day. Cant write a team that wont say die.
    I thought that the hawks took it up a notch and then selwood just went to some new place...last time I saw that kind of mental attack on the ball was the hawks in 2008.

    Lewis was very good. put his head over it several times, kicked 3, should have own the game for us. really you could give 6 guys 3 votes yesterday. Was just insane football.
    Wouldnt worry about tomahawk he is about to grip the competition by the throat...his kicking was good in trying conditions. How was that mark in the last quarter third or fourth deep over the pack...I was spewing!! couldnt believe it.
    Congrats on the win. You guys where immense. Selwoods last quarter will be talked about for a long time. Huge heart. Totally rallied you guys when you looked gone. Very impressive.
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