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  • We should get a 2014 almanac going similar to the Melbourne board's for next year.
    Thanks POBT, I will try Wilston-Grange or Mayne. You suggest via email since season really has just finished?
    I'd pick up the phone mate. The Gorillas' webpage has a mobile contact. Not sure how regularly some of those email accounts are checked!

    I believe a lot of clubs are starting pre-season work in November.
    Hi, can you add me to the private board? Haven't heard anything for a while since I applied. Cheers mate
    I see your browsing the big footy fantasy footy league....interested in joining a side? Im the captain of the Geelong Gumbies and we are interested in you.
    G'day mate just wondering how you came about supporting the Parramatta Eels and not the Broncos?
    Hey there. Just checked out your list ratings for 08. Pretty good.You seem to have a good handle on where we are at. I agree 90%.
    Been having a crack at the margin betting this year? Would be interested to share opinions with other knowledgeable Lions Fans.
    Had a crack at the 15.5 points either way today on our game ($5.50) and got the chocklates on Hawks 39.5+ at $4.30. Both bets luxury odds. Pity our coaches forgot Bradshaw can play C/H/B as well,could have made the diff?
    Happy to send my best 2 margin bets each week and receive the same if your inclined. Cheers Steve
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