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  • Pav is my favourite player outside of Carlton. If I keep getting responses like that, I will keep the avatar! JUDDY!
    Millsy is back in Pirie for cricket- he is captaining the B's this year. i didn't get selected so I stayed in Adelaide. Just me and Max home atm. One of these weekends when all of us are still in town maybe.
    Not many of my predictions came true at all.

    Catch up for beers soon?
    Sorry to hear that mate... No love for the best player in the league?
    I post a shitload more than you. That is why I am a senior member.
    hey bud, wanna watch the fugitive tonight, also, u may notice im goin nuts on the posts today, this site is growing on me
    hey bud, wanna watch the fugitive tonight, also, u may notice im goin nuts on the posts today, this site is growing on me!
    so you like my posts power09...well our sides are facing off this sunday, so we'll havta put the pleasantries on hold for a few days!
    That you are. What odds were Richmond fetching on the weekend? I'm sure the punters who put their money on the Tiges have been very thankful for their payouts ;)
    There just isn't any real matchwinners for power now. Tredrea was great last year considering his age but at this point in his career, I doubt he can back it up again.

    Look at three of your recruits- jay schultz, jay nash and daniel bass. Schultz was a bit part player for RICHMOND, never a serious first team player. Nash showed a bit but is largely unknown. Daniel Bass has hardly played footy in his life. Power are s**t out of ideas.
    Rodan will be back, he decided to go with the new surgery.

    Power won't get the spoon, but will be bottom 4 or 5. Remember how they were really average at footy park over the last few seasons? Richmond will move up, power will battle with north for a bottom 4 placing.
    Brown wasn't worried about media ties or family. It's all a culture thing. Power has gone nowhere post 2007, even going backwards. Rucci was always pro-port, and now even he can't dress up the s**t as chocolate. Port Adelaide FC is in serious strife. Burgoyne not getting captaincy and expressing his feelings about that. The rumoured in-fighting at the club. Choco being about as popular as cancer. Alberton is not the place to be at the current time.

    In a few years it will have improved but until then the power are up s**t creek without a paddle.
    Yeah so what? Paul Connors just saying what the rest of us think. His hollow apology solved nothing. That thread is probably what happened. Someone threatened action (criminal as suggested, or legal) and he immediately backpedalled to save face. He can take back those words but they are still out there. And they are true. Of the 16 clubs, only three I would say no to if they were to call me tomorrow and offer me a contract. Those clubs being Freo, North and Power.
    Well season pretty much done and dusted, i read your predictions you sent me a while back. Guess we were both wrong, no hawks and power in the 8, and crows came home strong but threw it all away.

    Reckon Swan for brownlow? Goodes is a roughie, Gary Handball Jnr (shudder) might have a sniff. That said, I'd like himt o have a sniff then come in second or third again. Overrated muppet.
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