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  • Hey mate, yeah wish i could make it but I'm recovering from hand surgery at the moment. My left hand is all bandaged & plastered.

    But i should be good to go for round 1. :thumbsu:

    Anyway, hope you have a good time Saturday.

    Lucky bastard, you :) Were here worried what Laids is gonna do next & your living it up...

    BTW, how's Sweden?
    Hey Rickety - not sure I'm going to get to either of them - might have to rely on the BF reports! You going?
    Yeah, I'm probably going to the game against Carlton and might try and make the Port Adelaide game too, and of course as many finals as I can!
    I did hear a bit of it- my boss took pity on me, and decided to put the radio on midway through the second quarter. I finished my shift with about six minutes to go in the game and had to stay at work and listen to the end. :) Let us know if you guys are meeting up at a game again, I hope to come along next time!
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