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  • Ah, fair enough. Quite a few regular Man Utd posters have stopped posting over the past couple of years, possibly, due to the ABUs.

    I'm not enjoying watching the cricket atm :eek: Probably going to be a long summer.

    Yep, that post is about him. Looking forward to seeing him play soon. Though, I want to see Pogba come through as well.
    cooeee Mr. Dish! hehehe am rustling up a posse for the north ballarations vs. shagga's franga rats at arden st. on saturday. yes, no, maybe?
    Nope, I was glad you got what I meant, as I thought with so many IMO's in the post, didnt know how it would come across.:eek:

    Ey TD,

    Just wanted to ask my last post on Messi v Ronaldo was confusing to understand?:p Not sure how it came across.
    That's a pity that you have been red carded. I have always liked the way how you post. Don't let anyone rile you up.
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