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  • d. Why would they bother? They'd be worshipping a lie of their own making. Why devote your life to such a hoax?

    Sorry to have to send so many emails - limit is 420 characters each, apparently.

    Cheers - John.
    c. How did they manage all those cross references? That must have taken a very long time to complete! It's the stuff of genius!
    b. If they put the scriptures together, how did they know so much about Jewish society and traditions? Scripture is hard to understand without knowing Jewish culture.
    G'day Roy,
    I enjoy your posts - always engaging. At least you've done your research!
    A couple of genuine questions I need to ask of you (have to send them in separate emails):
    Re the bible being written in the 13th century (simplistic, I know).
    a. Why these monks already monks at the time? What did they believe in?
    Regards - John (GDB).
    The Bible wasn't written in the 13th century.
    Just wanted to let you know, you have prompted me to learn the facts about the Fiztroy Football Club. Your pride is unrivalled. I'm new on here and still finding my feet. I love reading your posts. Cheers.
    Next time you come up with a plan to fix football in Vic (which btw I liked) please dont ever mention the Bendigo Diggers. I still have nightmares about that disaster of a club.
    Hey Roylion,

    Just a quick question. Under the 1996 Merger Agreement, the Brisbane Lions supposed to play 9 games a year in Vic? Was there a sunset clause on that or it has just been ignored by the AFL?


    Mick (3KZ is Football)
    6 games a year. There's no sunset clause. It's simply ignored by the AFL or twisted by the AFL for their own purposes. For example Brisbane qualifies as a Victorian club for the purposes of Hawthorn's Tasmanian agreement and theoretically one of the Lions' 'Victorian' games can be shifted down there and counted as one of our six.
    Great post on the "Vendettas" thread today mate - once again, you perfectly encapsulated the thoughts of every Roys supporter on this issue! :thumbsu:
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