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  • I use Megauplod. So I use SeriesGringas.tv.

    I just didn't check in the afternoon. Just assumed it would be sometime in the middle of the night, so that's the only time I remembered to check.

    But thanks anyway...will make sure I check earlier next week :thumbsu:
    Will send you a message regarding wrestlemania info later today etc..
    but it cost me US$1440 for a platinum package deal which 4 of us got as it was cheaper.. tickets went on sale last year in April sometime... Just send a blank email to this address and they will email you back but you have to have access to a fax machine and fax back your info and pay for it using a visa/credit card - wrestlemania.packages@wwe.com
    Thats the email ^ send it asap and they will email you back straight away and will keep you updated about the deals...
    Hey mate, sure i will write up a report of wrestlemania in the next few days. if you are thinking of going to the usa to see wrestlemania then try and get the platinum package because if you get that you are guaranteed a ringside seat, well within the first 10 rows. We also saw some TNA, ROH as well. Just give me around about a week or so, as i just put in 30 rolls of photos we took while in the usa at kmart, so i will have to sort them out. cheers
    Your avatars are awesome! Do you make them? Do you use msn much? You should come to TAE, need more roo fans:)
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