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  • Hey Smeagle,
    With the permission of LeeARM I made a new template based on his old ones.

    Hey mate, noticed you haven't been as active lately, hope you don't mind me creating the KOTW week polls. If you need a hand to help run it or anything, just give us a yell :)
    Hey Smeagle, Willo#6 told me in a thread you were working on some resource for old templates, I was wondering how it was going because I was looking to make a couple old style guernseys.
    What? That means I'm the youngest! Never would have guessed it. Maybe with Gibbsy. Well, I was born on 30 June 1995, so I assume that makes me Year 10 across the Tasman.

    We finished on Friday too.......
    Prior to moving to Perth (His family must have no self-respect :p), he went to Rosmini College, which is my school....One of my best mates is a really good mate of his. From my knowledge he was coming back here for the holidays.

    Older? I always presumed you were roughly the same age as Gibbsy and I. I must get up to some facebook stalking :p. Are you friends with Cory? Might make my job easier :D.

    Excuse me, your highness, I beg of a moment.

    I can remember you mentioning something about John XXIII College in a KOTW round based on our schools. Do you go there, and if so, do you know a Nikolai Blazeski?
    Smeags, you may have noticed that I've been unfortunately inactive over the last month or so. I'm currently away on holidays so forgive me! That has also meant that my designs have dropped off to basically nil. I'm trying to find some inspiration as I know some of my designs were a hit with the group but hopefully enough people like my work for me to continue :)

    What are your opinions on the progression of the board? You and I are part of the founding group in a way and I always wonder your opinions as you are quite a respected member in my books and many others'. How are your retro templates coming along? I'd really like to try one out and see :thumbsu:

    First of all, sorry about the bloody system and its bullshit auto-resize crap that it does.

    Said a while back that I'd tell you the little bits and bobs on the Essendon jumper that perhaps aren't on your Essendon template :p. I I decided to go into ridiculous detail with it. I left out the licensing tag on the bottom left (right when viewed) though.
    a) Collar and cuffs are ribbed.
    b) Underneath the back collar on the front of the jumper is a little red bit with the Adidas logo and Essendon FC written on.
    c) The bib underneath the collar is of that meshy material.
    d) There is some template piping towards the bottom.
    I also went into detail with the shorts/socks and chucked on the template piping that is on them.
    i know you did it a hell-of-a-long time ago, but that paint tutorial has enabled me to do what ive wanted to do but havent known how to for a long time. cheers bud.
    did you ever try your real life guernsey comp entry with royal instead of navy?
    Ive had an idea that you may or may not want to use in KOTW. It is to create a jumper design(s) based on a certain media franchise (for want of a better word). For example a TV show, movie, video game etc.
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