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  • Hey are you? You are SOOOO lucky I dont know how to post pics hehe. I have been a bit quiet of late, huge days, big nights in gym and as I'm leaving the coast next week, the odd farewell 'get together' with the odd fair maiden. But, been keeping an eye on the BF Hawks from time to time.
    Re blacker and less hairy........try again.
    Go Hawks.....go hawks. Nice to hear from you.
    Aw thank's heaps TAITA. My very own avamatari thingy. YOU have earned free drinks at the firs Hawk function we attend together. I have one problem, it says 'you may not upload animated images' or alike when i try to use it. Why is this? Do i have to upgrade my account. I have no problem with that, I just want to see those girls do their thing. In my mind they are mother and daughter......Thanks again dude

    Here you go champ - I'd give you 'praying girl' but everyone would automatically thing it was me and you don't need that - I'd have her back myself but am suffering an identity crisis that would see ze banzhammerz come down hard on me.

    You will probably not last long with this av if you post anywheres apart from the Hawthorn board btw.
    Hey mate, welcome to the fun that is Big Footy. Been enjoying your posts. Keep it up. GM this is where all the fun happens...behind closed doors! I should have known.
    Thanks for being my first 'friend' on here mate. I like this site, and am loving trying to work out all the different personalities. I reckon i have a fix on you, Gal, Macdaddy and Neville Bartos. Human behaviour is an interest of mine, stems from my criminal background. In short, i'm enjoying this. Judging from the photo you have posted here, you may have me picked too haha. I am pretty much how I come accross on the computer, though the darker, personal side is best kept to myself. We all have our secrets and skeletons hey. Looking forward to getting down to Melbourne and meeting some of the members of my new 'family' in person.
    Again, cheers GH.
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