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  • hmmm, yeah i don't think i'll make it to that one but defo to a home final - if we make it ;)
    yeah actually, if we get a home final i think i might come up, i've been meaning to get up to sydney so that would be good.

    When is the geelong game?
    yeah sure dude, let me know and i'll pm you my number.
    We'll get moc along as well, i actually saw him at the cricketers and he was disappointed you didn't come but told him you were seeing your daughter and having dinner.
    Hello treasure!

    Come over tomorrow night, Cecil is bringing over his Sex & The City box set and a magnum of Baileys!
    I think bigpapagman is having some feelings for you, G.I.A.S.F.

    May I call you that for short?
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