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  • dude I get you must have no life as you post a lot on a forum an live in a little poor town that's okay,but really kill myself? waller dopes his horses an sold me a horse that bled fan boy an he is doping winx just chil ayyyy
    Coming from the dude that lives in Echuca?
    most popular towns in vic. best country race track voted upon. your town haha well yeh. no wonder your life is on a forum on more gear then waller is giving winx to. enjoy your ban later
    Already had a ban yesterday.

    You probably live in Tongala or Womboota anyway,
    Gday mate, just wondering if you're interested in coming back and playing for the Fighting Furies in the upcoming season?
    You weren't at the homeless shelter.. I am now unsure as to where I can find you.

    Soon brah.. Soon I will **** you up

    u mad?
    The **** brah, spamming my page with your threats.. IM ****ING RIGHT HERE BRAH, RIGHT HERE..

    You want a shot at the title?

    We miss you over at TLC. No-one has posted any homo-erotic drawings for some time now and it just feels like something is missing. Truth be told, we don't even know why you left. Was it something we said? The Love Boat board isn't that bad, its a place where we can show our love for each other and pay out on mongs. Don't let something like that get in the way of the good time we had together. Return to those who enjoy your company at TLC.

    Also post n00dz.

    Greetings friend.

    I notice you don't like me. That is a shame.

    Back to our old conversation: I am skeptical as to whether or not people should be buying houses at this point of the cycle, particularly in certain circumstances; but since you already have, good luck with it.
    I don't understand. So you used your savings as a deposit, and your builder will allow you to 'keep' your first home owner's grant? Is this correct?
    Hello friend.

    You see, you mentioned in that post that you have no money. This leads one to infer that you will be scraping by when you move into your house. Is this the case?
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