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  • Tas
    Good read, there is nobody really keeping our journalists honest, any idiot with access to a computer is a 'journalist'.
    Haha, we have computers, there is hope for us yet!
    That last post of yours on the main board was certainly timely, and very well said too mate :thumbsu:

    You're a good guy, and your contributions on the Demons board have also been appreciated. Feel free to drop in on us again there any time :)

    PS- North Melbourne are actually my second AFL club too- not sure if you knew, or if I'd ever told you myself before now...
    Wouldn't happen to be your b-day today would it Tas? If so....have a good one :thumbsu:
    Yes great work. If all AFL fans were like you it would be a better game. P.S When you got rolled by the umpires against the Cats a few years ago I went to town on BigFooty about it, so no hypocracy from me. I hate them when they cheat, even if to our advantage. Although that does not happen these days.
    I maybe a North troll, but can appreciate good comments, your comment in our gameday thread, I appreciate it. Thought I'd let you know. ;)

    I maybe gutted, but never been so proud of the boys, we're a young team and our future is bright.

    Good luck to North (Norf) for next year. ;)
    Totally agree on that tasteless thread, good on you for sticking your neck out!
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