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  • Hey mate,
    I recently released a website I've been working on with Inside Football.
    It's their player ratings.

    It's fairly bare-bones, no-frills at the moment, so I wanna know what we could do to improve it.

    Have a play and pass on any feedback/feature requests/rating disagreements?

    Spread the word. Any feedback is welcome.

    Hey, I've created a AFL LIve PS3 2013 league via Facebook and plan to run in throughly and see it to the end with guidelines and rules to make it a better experience for all.

    Check it out, first in best dressed when it comes to team allocations.


    Create a new FB account if you don't want to use you're real one.

    Hope to see you there.
    no worries mate. i would be happy to make it a torrent but im not too sure how to do that. just send me your postal address and ill send you out a copy

    Sorry for the Houdini act, have had various issues going on. May be a silly question but where can I god the fixture?

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