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  • Thanks buddy.:thumbsu:

    Always get a smile when I read your to the point posts telling it like it is. :)
    I didn't go anywhere (confused face). It's awesome being banned from Bay13 and SFA Board for no real valid reason (jacked up on ice face)!!!
    Hey Mate are you interested in joining the bigfooty fantasy footy league and playing for the Geelong Gumbies until the end of the season? Its a fantasy based league where players are made up of Bigfooty posters and then each week match threads are posted and team captains select the teams and then the leagues admin sims the matches in a random sim based generator and match results and commentary are posted in the threads, Im the captain of the Gumbies and would love to have you on our side, Your fairly active which is always a good thing and we currently need a few more players to help with competition for spots etc.

    Let me know via visitor message if interested, or post in our Season 13 team thread over on the leagues board on this forum....Being a club from Geelong we would love to have you on board.


    Gumbies Captain.
    Hey man, Just changed my avatar and wanted to know if you or you think any West Coast supporters (or AFL supporters) would find it offensive. Will change immediately if so, don't be scared to speak the truth!
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