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  • you douchecake.
    i will sing a song for you.
    im just preparing for my finest moment.
    and i shouldnt really as freo decide to go matthew lloyd and crashing into our players.
    hey man bad news - i cant l4d2 for you man. i just got capped.
    feel free to post rage on my wall...still will be on steam to bag you about the lions winning though.
    So uhhh, have you got your stein yet? Doesn't look like it'll make it til next October at this rate
    Nup, only just saved the vouchers from being deleted amongst all my junk mail however.

    Should probably check my inbox every once in a while...
    Yeah, read that I get free tickets. I shall pawn them off onto people as I bought mine and about 6 others. That's a pretty sweet deal. I just want my damn stein!
    Hey man, have you got your free s**t from Oktoberfest yet? I thought they were meant to send it out to us. What a rip at $65 a ticket

    Contemplating writing a very angry letter haha.
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