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  1. B

    R.I.P. John Payne

    Long term club Team Manager John Payne sadly passed away on Sunday. John was a Life Member , you would see him on the interchange bench directing players on and off . He organised everything in the background and was loved by all. He virtually started the Redbacks group as well. A great Blood ...
  2. inanunda

    2022 Season Preview with Ross Payne from North Talk

    Here is the North Melbourne 2022 Season Preview and it is Ross Payne from the North Talk, chatting to Lace Out about how the Kangaroos young yet hungry squad are going to bounce back up the AFL ladder. Check out the episode...
  3. jackess

    Injury Payne out for the season

    Brisbane Lions draftee Jack Payne will miss the remainder of the 2018 season due to a stress fracture on his tibia. Payne has had ongoing complications with his shin since late March. After several weeks of treatment and rehabilitation, further assessment has seen the Lions medical team...
  4. dlanod

    Senior Jack Payne (2017-)

    Former club: Lions Academy / Noosa Age: 18 Height: 197cm Weight: 96kg Position: Defender
  5. Armitage2Riewoldt

    Delisted Brenton Payne

    BRENTON PAYNE Born: 3/9/1996 Height: 193cm Weight: 76kg Drafted from: Western Jets Position: Forward/Defender Bio: Read more: Payne in the fast lane Read more:
  6. SK_MD_#7

    List Mgmt. Rookie Draft: Welcome - Jack Sinclair, Ahmed Saad, Brenton Payne & Adam Schneider

    ...everyone? Jack Sinclair 180cm/78kg Midfielder Ahmed Saad - We all know about Saady! Brenton Payne 193cm Forward Adam Schneider - We All know about...
  7. HBK619

    Multiplat Max Payne 3

    YES! YES!! YES!!! Source:
  8. D

    Michelle Payne

    Best female jockey in the land. If she was a he, then she would be scooping up many of the plumb rides in town. Shame this extreme talent is going to waste! As good as any rider male or female going around right now, make no mistake!
  9. HBK619

    Max Payne: THE MOVIE

    Now obviously this is the Games Board, but I thought I would let all you Max Payne fans know that the new movie is on the way and the first trailer has just been released, the movie stars Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne and Mila Kunis as Mona Sax. Also I wouldn't be worried about Marky Mark as Max...
  10. Q

    Stinear and Payne

    Both these guys got another big wrap in Inside Football today. Both are still only 22. I would be interested to hear from those that have seen them play - do you think either might be a show to be made a rookie next year if they continue to dominate in the AFLQ? Bear in mind that there is...
  11. - PC -

    Brigid Payne Dies

    What a fine example of not only a rider but as a person BRIGID Payne died from a heart attack on Monday night, but her passion for horses will live on through her nine siblings, according to her brother Patrick. "You've got to live the way you want to live and riding horses is a part of...
  12. POBT

    Grogan Medal to 21 year old Payne

    Courier Mail I can never remember the standard rookie age cut off but for a guy to win a league B&F by 5 votes when he is only 21 must warrant a look by the club - particularly when he plays for the recruiting manager's old club alongside the son of the recruiting manager! In other news...
  13. rick James

    Major Payne

    Awesome flick, one of my childhood favourites. The best is the bit where Major Payne totally smashes Bam Bam Bigelow in the neck. That was rad.
  14. Rosco5

    Max Payne 2

    Can anyone help me with a MAX PAYNE 2 issue ?? In the 2nd or 3rd level (cannot recall exactly because I got the **********s with it and haven't played it for a while) Max starts in his flat with a sniper trying to kill him ..... I get out of his room etc etc and kill bad guys etc etc BUT...
  15. Dipper

    Max Payne

    Having big probs with the bit where all the club/restaraunt thing is on fire, I run straight through the double door, then through the kitchen into the little room with the shelves, go out the door on the right hand corner & then do a right & then left through the hallway into a big room &...
  16. RzrBlade

    Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne

    Anyone got it? It's great isn't it! Gotta love the bullet-time combo's, they are back better than ever! I love it when you do that spinning manouevre with it like in the start-up movie clip. I only got it yesterday, but so far am up to Part II, Chapter 3. Hopefully a lot more to go, dont...