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  • Hey Quigley, I'm relatively new to bigfooty but gotta say that I love reading your posts - particular surrounding draft prospects. You seem to have a great deal of knowledge in that area. Am interested to know how find out so much about these kids?
    Just a quick message to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. Insightful, informative and to the point. I doubt I have seen a poor post from you in years. Well done and keep up the cracking work, it is well received.
    Great work on the mock draft! I have no idea how you know so much about all these guys, but thanks for sharing your knowledge and opinions. As a Blues supporter, I'm also pretty stoked that you rated Carlton's actual selections so highly!
    Quigley,just read your draft ,and want,d to say thanx for the effort ......AGAIN,a great read,oh and Whitecross will stand up this year and validate your thoughts on him.....book mark it.
    cheers DASHER
    Quigley. Shakin77 from EDT here. Haven't seen you on the boards. Are you still posting? Can you email me you mock draft so I can take it home and read it. If not. No issue I will cut cut and paste. Cheers. Email: shakinbacon77@hotmail.com
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