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  1. McKenna's cup.jpg

    McKenna's cup.jpg

  2. dlanod

    Rookie Conor McKenna (2022-)
  3. B

    News Must get for the lions Conor McKenna

    If Conor has not lost any of his skill or pace then as I stated before and with this news at the age of 26 (sweet spot) he is a must get. If he still has it,what a great win for the lions.Exactly what we need and want. Trade out darcy,get this guy asap.I LOVE his skill level. Wilmot,Conor and...
  4. eth-dog

    Free Agency Conor McKenna - comes out of retirement to join Brisbane Lions

    You know where you want to go Conor ;)
  5. PonsfordMagpie

    Universal Love Peter McKenna interview

    What a legend. Very enjoyable interview about his career.
  6. Lore

    Club Focus Brisbane Lions 2022 - Gunston, Dunkley, McKenna, Ashcroft, Fletcher, Lester, Cockatoo

    Data from footywire. To check the draft order see the thread here. Footywire says: "While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that need updating...
  7. Iva Bigun

    Connor McKenna may be coming back, how many 1st rounders will Essendon want?

    So Connor says he may not be done and may come back in the mid season draft. Dodo will be on the case, how many firsts is he demand?
  8. Carna Pies

    2020 Update of Last Ones Standing by McKenna

    I'm not sure if many people remember this song but there was an update to it that I found recently and I thought I'd share it with you.
  9. Mofra

    Post here if Corona McKenna doesn't play for your team

    Finally! A thread that supporters of all 18 teams can enjoy!
  10. rumply

    News Conor McKenna tests positive for COVID-19 - Wait, what?

    Maybe not thread worthy but it cant be anything but bad news of one sort or another. Heads up peeps!
  11. Maggie Greg

    48 years ago today - Coll v Ess Vic Park 1972 QB McKenna kick 13

    ...the ruck in a best on ground display, Max and Wayne Richardson and Barry Price took it away and delivered it to the forwards. And Peter McKenna dominated kicking 7 goals for the quarter in a game where he ended up with 13 goals. Even Ian McOrist was a good player as his opponent Barry Davis...
  12. boncer34

    Connor McKenna - Who from your club is like him?

    Great little trick from Essendon's favourite Irish player last night. However he is also one of our most frustrating to watch at times. So who from your club is like him? When the ridiculous comes off you love him but when it doesn't you just wish he'd do the simple thing more often?
  13. eth-dog

    VFL Past #70: Liam McKenna

    Height: 185 cm Weight: 88 kg DOB: 18/04/92 Position: Midfielder Recruited From: Perth (WAFL) McKenna is a solidly built player from Perth who has made the trek across the nullabor. He average 23 possessions in the WAFL over his career, and has been named in the Leadership Group.
  14. South of the Yarra

    Peter McKenna - The overlooked Champion

    Peter McKenna the next in my posts on Collingwood Chanpions. Peter McKenna so often over looked in Collingwood discussions due to the greatness of Gordon Coventry and Dick Lee and in AFL discussions due to the fact he was pitted against other great Full Forwards like the great Peter Hudson...
  15. Bald

    Conor McKenna charged with biting

    Western Bulldogs forward Tory Dickson has accused Essendon defender Conor McKenna of biting during yesterday's clash at Etihad Stadium. Interesting..
  16. Holden Hillbilly

    What the heck? Bomber McKenna could be in hot water over alleged bite

    Essendon defender Conor McKenna is likely to be cited for an alleged bite to the neck of Western Bulldogs forward Tory Dickson in Sunday's clash between the sides at Etihad Stadium. It's understood Dickson claimed McKenna bit him after the Irishman was run down by the Dog on the wing...
  17. Tempy Tiger

    Does Pat McKenna exist?

    Im beginning to believe that Pat McKenna is a figment if our imagination. Perhaps it’s a clever ploy by our list managers to hide some salary space for the other 39 players? Who is this guy? Is he training? Is he injured? How long is he contracted for? Is he related to Guy?
  18. Chaisa

    Recommitted Conor McKenna [re-signed] So thoughts? Think he'll be a real handful eventually. His dash off half-back has been pretty damaging for the Bombers and he's still young. Hard to really gague his worth - pick 15-25 maybe?
  19. MaddAdam

    Conor McKenna - I'm Irish!

    Very interesting exchange post Bombers game. The cretin Darcy had said Conor McKenna is from "northern England". Tadgh Kenelly then texted Darcy to remind him that County Tyrone, where McKenna is from, is in Northern Ireland. But in his on ground interview, when it was raised, McKenna...
  20. MarcMaverick

    Player Watch #40 Pat McKenna

    McKenna a Giant catch for Melbourne McKenna and pick No.51 exchanged for picks No.57 and No.59 to the Giants.