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  1. SteeleSaints

    Toast Welcome Paddy Dow

    Exciting to have you on board Paddy. Its great to see a lad from Swan Hill (my home town) on our list. All the best at the Saints!
  2. Mostyn

    Traded Paddy Dow [Traded to St Kilda in 4-Team Trade]

    He sounds like he's back on the table. What's the issues with the guy? Sounds like he's smashing it in the VFL.
  3. koshari

    Opinion Paddy dow?

    In the tradition of "wouldnt be the worst" Think it would be an interim decision, sort of like a rich mans tom dyson?
  4. Mofra

    Club Focus Sydney Swans 2023 - Grundy, Jordon, Hamling, Adams, Dow (?)

    Data from footywire. To check the draft order see the thread here. Footywire says: "While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that need updating...
  5. Aphrodite

    News VFL Reserves B&F 2022 - Congrats Paddy Dow

    Congrats Paddy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 PADDY Dow has been acknowledged for his 2022 VFL campaign with the Carlton Reserves, taking home the team’s Best and Fairest on Thursday night. In the second year of the Carlton...
  6. V_23

    Opinion Paddy Dow, can you see a pathway for him to break into our best 22 or are we resigned to losing him?

    ...the limit with Paddy. I want him in the AFL side but, there doesn't look to be a spot available in our stacked midfield, barring any injuries. Dow's best position is as an inside midfielder and, until this point, hasn't shown an ability to play in other positions. With that said, he's...
  7. foxdog50

    Recommitted Paddy Dow [OOC 2023] explored his options, but stayed

    Paddy Dow.... Out of contract at the end of the year... Carlton are flying at the moment. Can't get a look in. Will he look for a new team? Or will Carlton say to him to move on?
  8. LordLucifer

    Rumour Carlton's Paddy Dow Has Requested A Trade

    Not sure how strong this one is but this is what I was told. He cannot win senior selection so it makes sense on the surface. EDIT : this is placed here as it is purely a rumour, if it was fact, then this thread would have been started on the Drafts & Trades board. :kissingsmiling:
  9. Michaels

    Banter 27th November 2019, the day the Dow family celebrated knowing at least 1 of their sons would be playing for a successful club with great culture.

    Pronunciation: /ˈbantə / NOUN [MASS NOUN] The playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks:there was much good-natured banter The rules to keep in mind in this thread: - Read the definition of banter above, do not cross that line - If you post in here, prepare to defend yourself, don't...
  10. Bigeasy

    Davies-Uniake vs P Dow vs Raynor vs A Brayshaw

    The top 4 of the 2017 and all haven't exactly set the world on fire. It's their 3rd year in the system and will any of them take the next step? It could be argued that Brayshaw has shown more at this stage but that whack from Gaff may have impacted on his second year so he needs to have a good...
  11. NaturalDisaster

    Player Watch #27 Thomson Dow - signed to 2024

    ...played all four games for Vic Country and his 18 disposals against Vic Metro at the MCG were encouraging. He averaged 19 disposals and 3.8 marks in five NAB League matches, mixing his football between the Bendigo Pioneers and Geelong Grammar. He is the brother of Carlton’s Rising Star, Paddy Dow.
  12. T

    Brayshaw V Dow V LDU V Cerra

    4 mids that went 2,3,4,5 in the 2017 draft. They were a very even group that stood one rung down from Rayner and hence could have gone in any order. Who will have the better careers? Freo in particular have an interest in the outcome. And Brayshaw and Cerra probably looked most at ease at...
  13. C

    2019 Season Predictions

    ...will/could be in the All-Australian team: These next few are more about spercific players; How many Goals will .... Kick in 2019? J.Silvagni Dow Murphy Kennedy Kreuzer Cripps McKay De Koning Lang Garlett Fisher Cuningham Polson C.Curnow Pickett Phillips E.Curnow Kerr Thomas McGovern Fasolo...
  14. Aphrodite

    Traded 2. Paddy Dow DOB: 16.10.1999 Position: Midfielder Height: 184cm Weight: 78kg Club: Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country
  15. Aphrodite

    Toast Pick #3 - Welcome to Carlton Paddy Dow!

    Welcome to Carlton Paddy Dow :clapping::clapping::clapping:
  16. S

    Dow Jones drops 400 points...does anyone know?

    How Goodwin and Ward fared?
  17. F

    how much do i love kicking those carlto dogs when they're dow.

    Follow the link dogs. Yee Haa
  18. L

    Dow-tee or Doherty?

    How do you pronounce Doughty?