1. PunkSpike


    Here I made this. More: 2018 2017
  2. wayToGo_

    2019 Season Review

  3. TigerTime_89

    Resource 2019 FINALS TICKET THREAD **MCG Sold Out! PRO live site on sale Wed morning**

    I am a Richmond member. Do I still need to purchase a ticket for Richmond finals? Yes, all 2019 Richmond Football Club members with access memberships will be eligible for priority access to purchase weeks 1-3 finals tickets should they wish to attend. Members will be required to purchase a...
  4. SaltnVinegar

    Need help in finding a downloadable (and printable) Tips Ladder

    Hi guys, as the title says, I am in need of finding a downloadable tips ladder. Our work one was taken down when they did up the tea room and it has gone missing. There's about 40 people in it and am in need of replacing it. The courier mail and Adelaide website news ones* have one for download...
  5. TigerTime_89

    Preview Round 4 2019: Port Adelaide v Richmond AO Sat 4:35pm

    Round 4: Port Adelaide v Richmond: Adelaide Oval: 4:05 (Local Time) 4:35 (EST) Tickets: Click Here for Tickets Gates open at 2pm TV and Radio: Coverage starts at 4.30 on Fox Footy (504). Game also available on streaming services Kayo, Foxtel Now and on the AFL App via Live...
  6. TigerTime_89

    Round 1 Crowd Prediction

    What will it be? Hopefully above 80K? Will we out number them? That's a stupid question. How much will we out number them? Latest Ticketing:
  7. King_AFL

    Robbie Gray 2018 Highlights

  8. Locketts_Elbow

    Prediction 2019 B&F Winner

    2019 B&F

    Analysis Tom Hawkins - clearly not insignificant !

    Of course I will cop it on this forum however I feel it needs to be debated. All summer we heard his lean,quick and slimline he was. He continually refused to take shots Passed to people in worse position to himself Is too selfless Cannot breakway and leads too late Leads too far up the...
  10. wayToGo_

    Preview Fremantle 2019 Season Preview

    I was a bit fed up with reading finger nail deep analysis from paid journalists who don't appear to have even watched a Fremantle game in the past couple of years. So I thought I'd write my own Season Preview as a Freo tragic hopefully that some other Freo tragics will enjoy... Overview...
  11. marklovesbeer

    Prediction 2019 predictions

    Something to pass the time... AFL Premier: Runner-Up: Norm Smith Medal: North Finishing Position Pre-Finals: North Finishing Position Post-Finals: 9th: Wooden Spoon: Team/s To Rise: Team/s To Fall: Brownlow Medal Top 3: North B&F Top 3: Coleman Medal/How Many: North Leading Goalkicker/How...
  12. The Ghost Rider

    Prediction Where will Carlton finish in 2019?

    Where will Carlton finish in 2019?
  13. The Ghost Rider

    Prediction Where will Carlton finish in 2019?

    Where will Carlton finish in 2019?
  14. BallaratBulldog

    Autopsy 2019 Bulldogs Fixture

    Bored of lack of trades or sick of trade talk/negativity? Then let's discuss the Doggies fixture! Set to be realeased in roughly a week and rumors usually float around beforehand. Until then I have a few questions for you! What timeslots are your preferred to attend the footy? (There's a poll...
  15. Boomer29er

    Opinion Our 2019 guernsey (150th anniversary)

    Does anybody have any info on what our 2019 guernsey will look like. Are we going to wear a commemorative guernsey for the 150th anniversary of the clubs history. Think of this as our own jumper thread.
  16. BallaratBulldog

    2019 Membership

    Time to start rolling for next year. Renewels start now. The Western Bulldogs is a place like no other. A place where the team is more powerful than the individual. Where being authentic, humble, passionate, selfless and respectful are values to live by. Where there is a sense of belonging, and...

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