1. Rubber Arm

    Portfolio 2022-23 City Edition Uniforms by Rubber Arm

    ayyy yoooooo First time doing a portfolio on big footy and there's only so much you can do with AFL team designs because they have to stay similar to tradition, but with the NBA, teams can do aaaanything. I've decided to design the "City Edition" uniforms for next season. I'm going to be...
  2. S

    Opinion Petition for a new logo?

    Hi all, catching a lot of us noise about Crows supporters starting to get sick of seeing our ridiculous logo. I feel like it’s a great time to shake things up, especially as we are entering a new era as a footy club and in general life (COVID). What style of logo would we be after as a club...
  3. SomeNorthFan

    Discussion AFL Scoreboard "GOAL!" Animations and Motion Graphics Thread

    This Thread is dedicated to those short animations that play on the scoreboard after a team has scored a goal, i am looking to see different teams scoreboard Goal animations throughout history, if you have footage of one, post it here.
  4. dcpies2019

    Portfolio First jumper design, yes it's basic i'm just startig

    first ever attempt at a custom jumper. thinking of doing a similar thing for every team
  5. D

    Poll Logo for footy lifestyle brand.

    Please vote your favourite and write down your opinions!
  6. Brisbane Lions 2019 Clash Guernsey Concept

    Brisbane Lions 2019 Clash Guernsey Concept

  7. JimJamzzz

    Portfolio HD Wallpapers 2018

    Some wallpapers for people i've been doing in my spare time the last day or two. Will get around to doing all clubs in the next week or two also open to resolution suggestions/feedback etc. Enjoy
  8. magpienato

    Portfolio NFL + AFL Jumper Crossovers

    Hey guys! So I've been on this forum for specifically the Jumper Graphic Design thread and really love seeing the awesome designs you guys make. Although I haven't been here for long, I feel as if it's my turn to contribute something. With that said I decided to mix my two favorite sport...
  9. Andonis1997

    Media Andonis sfa logo remakes

    Hello sfa. i hope you all are havig a great sleep. i am not. anyway so i heard through the grapevine that media threads are dying away. so here is not a meda thread per se but a thread where we analyse the logos of the sweet * association fantasy football teams and then i will try and...
  10. M

    Gold Coast SUNS guernsey discussion THE traditional jumper with stripes or a V-yoke might appeal to purists and romantics, but it does not appeal to the new Gold Coast team. When the new team enters the AFL in 2011 it...
  11. austinnn

    Opinion 2016 indigenous guernsey Wadaya think? I don't mind it, electric boobies again, but good use of colours. Not sure about empty geometric white central stripe. Not happy about sponsor logo replacing club crest, and...
  12. LeeARM

    AFL LIVE PC Texture Mods

    If you've been on the other AFL Live PC thread you will have seen some of the texture mods POULTERBEAR and I have been working on lately. Seeing as I've finished all the 2016 uniform textures (that I'm currently aware of), I thought I'd finally get around to showing everyone how to use them...