1. Wizard17

    Analysis Father Son Selections

    Seeings as BRG93 isn't around to update the list goodcop badcop suggested making a new thread. Mods can you close the older thread so we don't have two going at once? Also anyine can feel free to tell me amend any names or draft dates on the list by tagging me and I'll do it as soon as possible...
  2. Wizard17

    List Mgmt. 2018 Draft Prospects aka the West and Khamis thread

    Level Two AFL Academy NSW/ACT: Nick Blakey (Swans Academy), Matthew Walker (Giants Academy) Queensland: Bailey Scott (Suns Academy) South Australia: Jackson Hately (Central District), Jack Lukosius (Woodville – West Torrens), Hugo Munn (Sturt), Izak Rankine (West Adelaide), Connor Rozee...
  3. goodcop badcop

    2017 National Draft - 24th November 7pm

    Broadcast info http://www.afl.com.au/tv-radio/broadcast-information/afl-event-broadcasts Draft Tracker http://www.afl.com.au/draft/draft-tracker Here are some names we've been linked to Pick 9 & 16 Patrick Naish (Sam Landsberger) Lachie Fogarty (afl.com) Darcy Fogarty (Dale4Captain) Ed...