1. HappyRed

    Simulation Basketball League - Looking for new players!

    I hope it's allowed to post this here, Please let me know if not. I do not intend any harm. The SBL or, the Sim Basketball League is a 2k mycareer league where you make your player through discord go through college and get drafted to an SBL team. And watch him face other people's players on...
  2. Barrybran

    Competitions Sweet FA Tour of BigFooty - Carlton Board vs SFA Board - TODAY 1pm-2pm(ish)

    Hi Carlton fans. My name is Barrybran, and I am here with ClarkeM and TheInjuryFactory to promote the game of Qooty, as played on the SFA board of BigFooty. Your moderators The Old Dark Navy's, Jeremias, Chism, BlueGum and Aphrodite have been kind enough to grant us permission to challenge the...
  3. Dannyreed

    2020 Sleeperbowl League Discussion

    Hi Fellas, It's about that time of year when we come together again and get ready for another NFL season in which real players play in real games and score pretend points for pretend games that we all actually know mean more than the real games themselves. So I have been playing around with...
  4. kane249

    Resource AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Questions 2021

    Any questions about players for the upcoming 2020 season, please post them in here. FAQs Who is the most likeliest breakout star from the youngsters? Jarrod Brander, club will look to give him stints on the wing this season. Frankie Watson could get some more games this year as well Any other...
  5. Barrybran

    Official Team Thread Melbourne Bolts | 2020 ODI Season

    MELBOURNE BOLTS 2020 BFFCL ODI SEASON ESTABLISHED SEASON 01 (2018) HOME GROUND: IKON PARK PREMIERSHIPS: BB02 (T20) PITCH: FLAT COLOURS: BLUE, TEAL & WHITE UNIFORM SQUAD NumberPlayerRoleBatBowling style 0Spanna_Bowling all rounderRight hand batRight arm medium-fast 6Art...
  6. NuriootpaTigers

    Keeper League Podcast

    Hey all, A mate and I started a podcast specific to Keeper Leagues. We don't really bother talking about the top scorers, as they're usually already snapped up in keeper leagues. We talk about all the players that are likely to be deeper in draft pools. Check it out here: iTunes Spotify...
  7. C

    Ultimate Footy League

    Hey there, if anybody wants to join a semi-serious league we are looking for a few more people who take their fantasy seriously. This league would be great for people looking for a second league or just something extra on weekends but know what they're doing with fantasy footy. Ultimate Footy...
  8. Dawn to Dark

    Competition Sweet FA Board SuperCoach Competition

    Hi guys There is a new SuperCoach league that I have made for everyone to join Details are below Winner will receive a special badge and the title of the Sweet FA board SuperCoach champion First in best dressed, you snooze, you lose League code is here 851068 Good luck campaigners you're...
  9. Yeraffyerheid

    MLB Fantasy

    Hi, I run a website purely out of frustration because in Australia we aren't eligible to enter into any cash leagues in the US so i have created a website for mlb afl and more, I have run sc leagues for a while with a few members from this...
  10. SarahSmiles

    Total amount of Fantasy points scored by each Hawk in 2017

    I originally wrote this for the Hawks forum? It only got a couple hundred views. I don't think it will get anywhere on here but I want to share it with other people who may find it useful for next year. So I'm really interested in AFL fantasy. I love the competitiveness it adds to each round...
  11. CricketXI

    Fantasy Sheffield Shield 2017/18

    Over the last two years I have created my own fantasy cricket game, CricketXI as a hobby for me and me friends who wanted to play Fantasy Sheffield Shield. Earlier this year I decided to open it up for anyone else to play. Create your own leagues, or join the Big Footy...
  12. CricketXI

    Fantasy Cricket Fanatic

    Hi Guys, I am new on here. I am a huge Essendon fan, even go to VFL games when I can, and a Cricket nut.
  13. Blacky

    Fantasy Find a league, expressions of interest and fantasy advice

    Hi all, Please post expressions of interest if you would like to join a fantasy league this season. Given we often start our drafts much earlier than most league's because we do our drafts in their threads, we usually get a few people missing out. Just let us know Type...
  14. BoyOhBoyWoweee

    Trades Best Decisions you have made while playing AFL Fantasy

    Just as the title says, what are the best decisions you have made while playing AFL fantasy. Be it trades, strategies, starting players etc. I just want to know
  15. Podrick

    Ultimate Footy - Rare Free Spot in Great league

    Wanted - Fantasy Draft Tragics (even hopeless ones) This is the 3rd year of the really successful 'Podrick's Premiers' and 2nd year of 'No Ghost Teams League' and there are a couple of retired coaches' spots to fill. Why are they so successful? Because it's all about being engaged and having...
  16. Sterge

    Analysis Richmond Supercoach/Dreamteam Discussion 2017

    Got a question about a Richmond player or want to talk AFL Fantasy competitions, with preseason right around the corner it's time to start thinking about your team for this season. Richmond Tigers Season 2017 Players No Name Position 12 Astbury, David Defender 11 Batchelor, Jake...
  17. serial_thrilla

    Analysis 2017 Fremantle FC Players in Fantasy

    Probably should set up one of these threads for opposition supporters to enquire about Fremantle players relevance in Fantasy/Supercoach this season now that the competitions have started up. It's interesting to see that Luke Ryan is about the third most selected player so far: I can't see him...
  18. RookieListed

    S23 Signup Thread and Trade Hub.

    SEASON 23 - Information , Sign-Up Thread and Trade Hub. AKA - SFA/ Sweet FA/ Bigfooty Fantasy Footy League As S22 draws to a close , Teams and players prepare for S23 - This means new players signing up to play our great game but it also means Current players looking for a fresh start or...
  19. Hate

    Media BREAKING: WFL delisted, will debut for new club in Round 6

    Baghdad Bombers fans flock to Abdu Prison in riot as Bombers captain delists key figure one day after rumours broke WFL wanted out immediately. Author: Yoshie TAKESHITA Date: 25/08/2016 WFL walks out on Baghdad Bombers faithful, eyes Dragons FFC. August 25th, 2016 has become...
  20. Millky95

    Official Team Thread Sin City Swamprats S22 Official Team Thread - B&F on Jan 7th

    Established: Season 05 Reincarnations: Three Premierships: One (Season 06) Deestroy Medal: One (Total Power - Season 06) Mobbs Medal: One (MannumPower - Season 20) Home Kit Away Kit 95. Millky95 (Captain) 22. Cloud_ (Vice Captain) 69. Ant Bear (Vice Captain) 1. miggs 2. Zakk Wylde 3...