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2019 AFL Fantasy - BigFooty, Division 1

Please note; this thread is for division 1 invitees only.

If your name has been tagged below then you're invited to join this league. Could all users please confirm your acceptance in this thread ASAP, along with your 2019 team name.
If you're no longer interesting in joining a league can you please let me know below or via PM.

League Settings will be:

*I do ask if one member from each league could please put their hand up to be the captain of the league

Captain's role:

1. Create a new league on AFL Fantasy titled BigFooty Div1 with the settings pictured above.

2. Create a conversation Titled "BigFooty AFL Fantasy Div1 Code" with the league code in it and send it to each member of this division. Please also ensure that each member confirms their team name in this thread.

(Please note; You may have to create multiple conversations as you are only able to add 5 people to a conversation)

4. Once the league is filled OR If any members don't respond/won't join please PM me and we will work things out.

5. The League Captains have the ability to remove teams, so if a poster does not state their TEAM NAME can you please kick them out and let me know.

Member's Role:

1. Post in this thread to confirm your acceptance AND YOUR TEAM NAME FOR 2019.

2. Wait for a PM from the league Captain.

3. Join the league!

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