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May 24, 2006
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Who remembers this thing?

Perhaps the highlight of the 2018 season was our brand new Lock of the Week competition! (it certainly wasn't the football).

It's like tipping except you only pick one game each round. You can choose which of the nine games to tip. Select your winner - your "lock" of the week (hence the name of the game). If they win you progress to the next round. If they don't you are out.

However, you can only pick each team once during the competition.

Last person left standing wins a shiny new badge and competition naming rights.

Hall of Fame
10 correct selections - fabs33

Fabs won our first ever competition so his name will forever be etched in history. Our second game is still going (see below). This is our third.

Submitting your entry
Post the team you think will win in this thread. Der.

Frequently Asked Questions
If I forget to pick by Friday night can I still enter and choose from one of the Saturday/Sunday games?
Sure why not.

If I miss this thread completely can I enter in Round 2 after it has been running for a week?
No sorry.

Name Pending.. what the dooslefudge does that mean?
Lock of the Week devotees may recall that when the 2018 season finished birdflu and newbie_kimber were still locked in a ding dong battle.

Well, well, well... looks like the fun will continue into 2019.

For those playing at home:

There will be a brand new UNNAMED competition starting in Round 1 for everyone.

Naming rights for this new competition are still pending. newbie_kimber and birdflu will continue their battle alongside the new competition. The pair have made 12 correct selections so are down to the dregs, but with a few gems still unused:

newbie_kimber has Brisbane, Carlton, Gold Coast, St Kilda, Sydney and Western Bulldogs to pick from.

birdflu has Carlton, Geelong, Gold Coast, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs ad West Coast to pick from.
The competition between these two combatants will run parallel to the new competition. They can pick separate teams for the two competitions if they want. On top of naming rights, if one somehow manages to pick 18 winners in a row (the equivalent to a 300 game in bowling) they win a dream date with a moderator of their choice.

For everyone else... get cracking!

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Oct 22, 2013
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Put me down for Carlton.

I don't think they'll win, but with everybody else picking Richmond, if there's an upset then I'm basically 3/4 of the way to victory and I've successfully picked Carlton's only win for the season :p
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