2020 MotoGP

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 9, 2004
The nearest twisties
AFL Club
Other Teams
Kawasaki Racing, Falcons, Pelicans
Niall McKenzie in 7th I remember was crap. Good for one race a year.
This is false. Niall grabbed 7 podiums and 28 top 5s during what is commonly called the golden period of grand prix motorcycle racing. He just wasn't as good as Lawson, Gardner, Mamola, Schwantz, Rainey and Doohan - all of whom are now fall of fame legends of the sport.

You seem to operate under the premise that if someone isn't amongst the elite competing for titles then they're crap. I think your rating system needs recalibration. There is such thing as just being good.

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