Competitions 2021 BigFooty Tipping Competition

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Dec 14, 2015
AFL Club

The Golden Ticket
for premium Medallion Club tickets

BigFooty Essendon Board Tipping is back!

The Bombers Board Tipping Comp is up and running - and this year we're using BigFooty's own tipping system.

Join Here:

Enter tips here:

First prize is a shiny medal and a year's Premium Platinum membership.

Want cash prizes?

The Official BigFooty Forum comp is also running, with $1000 in cash prizes, and weekly Premium Platinum memberships:

Join here:

Enter tips here:

Just click, join and tip!

Start your own tipping comp

You can even make your own comp for your friends, family, work, school, club... whatever you like:

Standard and Survivor tipping modes are available.​

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