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May 4, 2004
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lurking in the shadows of the matrix

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The Oracle, Male, from lurking in the shadows of the matrix

The Oracle. Just trying to point people in the right direction Jun 27, 2017

    1. yaco55
      Will you be at Etihad on Friday?
      1. ant555
        May be there. Depends if I can get away from work early. Will not know until Friday.
        Jun 28, 2017
    2. ant555
      The Oracle. Just trying to point people in the right direction
    3. ant555
      The Oracle. Just trying to point people in the right direction
    4. ant555
      The Oracle. Just trying to point people in the right direction
    5. ant555
      The Oracle
    6. DERO
      Nice Stang. Yours?
    7. eth-dog
      Hey mate, I can't reply to your PM but I'll be there and I'll send you a text as to where I am.
    8. saintkildaman
      Come post in the SFA, Bombers are in the finals.
    9. Gumblestar
      Hey mate,

      Sorry to bother, recalled when we drafted Kavanagh that you were going to write a detailed analysis of him. Have had a search around and have not spotted where/if you ended up writing the analysis. Am very keen to learn more about him and am excited at what he can offer the club as his strengths very much appear to be ones that can potentially make him an elite player. What are your thoughts on him mate and are the injury concerns a major worry or just something to manage at this stage? Appreciate any response!
    10. Tassieboy
      G'day Ant.

      Just here to give you the heads up - in case you already didn't know - that Jesse Lonergan, Sam's newphew, won the Rising Star award given to the best young player who had the best performance in the Tasmanian State League, national under-16 or under-18 for 2011. Basically the same as the AFL Rising Star I think. Not bad for a 16 year old. The past six winners have been Tom Hislop, Grant Birchall, Tom Collier, Mitch Robinson, Ryan Harwood, and Josh Green.

      Noticed you had Lonergan's name in the 2011 Draft profiles, so thought you may be interested. Cheers.
    11. rusman
      Hey Ant,
      Im looking into getting into recruitment & scouting for AFL/vfl clubs in the future. Next season I'm looking to get some experience by volunteering on my weekends to get expense for the future. As someone in the business already I was hoping you would be able to point me in the right direction to what clubs would consider as good experience to become a professional recruitment. Also if you can think of any actual jobs that someone without experience in this industry would be able to apply for Id love to know :) (not likely i know). My current experience is in Marketing and market research.

      Cheers mate,
    12. ant555
      Nah putting more effort into not going off my nut as often :) Leaving most of the wankers have their say without worrying about it and trying to type in a more friendly way.
    13. Bergman
      Why doesn't the club play Myers in the centre more often when he seemingly dominates there for Bendigo? I understand that because of Pears injury we've needed another tall down back. But do you think he'll get a shot in the middle since Hurley has moved back?
    14. boncer34
      I was wondering why you never got back to me...... just realised because you posted it here instead of on mine lol.

      Well we've replaced you with Colin D'Cops so he's got huge shoes to fill. If you ever wanna come back as a batsman just let me know.
    15. ant555
      Probably not going to have time to post much once footy season starts and i get into doing my TAC Cup stuff
    16. boncer34
      Still interested in standing behind the stumps?
    17. ant555
      yep who knows i may even hit 10 soon :D
    18. Mad Bomber Sean
      Mad Bomber Sean
      Hi Ant,

      I reckon that this years drafting could be perhaps up there with some of the most significant drafting in the clubs history since the inception of the drafting system. What do you think ? Do you concur with this notion?
      Given where we are in our development as a team and most importantly with the advent of GC & West Syd together with the possibility of a couple of other draft assisted teams, it seems that we simply must stock pile the talent.
      What do ya think ?

      By the way I see Daniel Talia as a kind of Hird type able to play any where & could be a player that could swing the game in our favour. Good call to draft him. Hope your right.


      Go Bombers.

    19. Yoda_
      G'day ANT555, its been a while, now that the hectic trade week is over, just wanted to know your thoughts on a few things.

      Do you like the trading in of M.Williams?
      Who is going to be delisted now?
      Who are we going to pick up?
      And, any 'mature' aged recruits on the radar for rookie spots at EFC.

      Oh, quick note, unblocked YouTube at my course and loved the footage of Christensen, small inside midfielder, able to go forward as a small, pretty handy player.
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