Fantasy 2021 - Cutthroat League - Expressions of interrst

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Sep 6, 2005
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With only a handful of picks left, wanted to say thanks to all for a speedy draft.

Also....once draft ends....

During Pre-Season
Waivers only, processed Wednesday night our time, no free agency. So claiming any players to replace injured players will cause you to move to end of the waiver line.

During Season
Waivers process every Wednesday night our time, but picking up players via free agency will exist Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday our time....but any players who have played their NFL game during that time, and any players released during that time, will be locked for two days and can be claimed on waivers prior to the Wednesday if the two days expires prior to the Wednesday.

So during the season you can avoid using your waiver claims and climb the ladder of the waiver wire order which is very helpful when your players start getting bye weeks

Sorry....players who have played their games remain locked till Wednesday. Players who have been rostered that are released will lock for two days and can be claimed prior to the Wednesday if two days ends before Wednesday.

Also, as a preventive measure....often team owners pick up FAs and then change their mind and drop the player, over and over again...these types of players will remain FAs. They wont lock. To prevent people from gaming free agency.

It's only when they've been rostered that they lock when dropped. Either 24 hrs on roster or have played a game ...not sure which FF does

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