2021 Fixture

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Mar 21, 2008
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Sth Freo
Who cares, have to be anywhere, anytime to win it all. Don't want to just scrape in because of a soft draw. Wouldn't win it anyway.

A tough run will only set us up for a better 2022 for when the big time beckons.
Damn straight. This should be our attitude from now on or else our Triple A Lyonism will be stolen by another team..I’m putting a bunch of cash on us playing finals in 2021 whatever the draw.


Brownlow Medallist
May 3, 2007
Parts Unknown
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Man City, Valencia, Lazio, Panthers
The 1st 3rd of the games are good. Freo could be 6-0 or 5-1 if they play well.

The 2nd 3rd of the games are alright. Hoping another 4-5 wins between rounds 7-15.

The last 3rd of the fixture, especially the last 6 is brutal. But if Freo want to prove that they are a finals team, they gotta win those remaining games.

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