List Mgmt. 2021 player numbers

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Apr 14, 2009
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AFC have announced the player numbers for 2021:
  1. Jones
  2. Keays (New number, from Brad Crouch)
  3. McAsey (New, from Riley Knight)
  4. Murphy
  5. Crouch (Don't have to say Mrouch anymore :thumbsu:)
  6. Hately (from Gibbs, who is still technically a Crow rookie, but has been stripped of his number :p)
  7. Thilthorpe ( from Gallucci)
  8. Kelly
  9. Sloane
  10. Pedlar (from Poholke)
  11. Seedsman
  12. Talia
  13. Walker
  14. Mackay
  15. Cook (from Hartigan)
  16. Brown
  17. Hamill
  18. Stengle
  19. That's still not used - guess you could say its us.
  20. Hinge (from Crocker)
  21. Berry (from Atkins)
  22. Frampton
  23. McAdam
  24. Worrell
  25. McHenry
  26. Schoenberg
  27. Lynch
  28. Available (Keays change to 2)
  29. Laird
  30. Milera
  31. Rowe (from Wilson)
  32. Fogarty
  33. Smith
  34. Himmelberg
  35. Borlase (from McAsey)
  36. Mcpherson
  37. O'Connor
  38. Scholl
  39. Doedee
  40. Davis
  41. Butts
  42. Newchurch (from Taylor)
  43. O'Brien
  44. Gollant
  45. Strachan
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Dec 4, 2015
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My thoughts are as follows

Pedler - McDermott 10 - our first Captain, a noteworthy number.

Modra's cursed 6 to Hately - can't see him being a three club player unless he's no good, so a solid way to remove the curse and get a few 100 more games into it.

Keays in the A Jarman number 2- I had that in my long sleeved crows jumper in 1991 - well good luck to Keays but if he's a 200 game player the crows are in trouble.

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Dirty Bird

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Aug 1, 2010
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#BostonStrong #RiseUp
Never understood why a player would want to change numbers after being allocated one.
I love players sticking to 1 number

There's only been 1 change I accepted and 1 other change I wanted.

The 1 I wanted but didnt get was Matt Crouch changing to 3 in 2016. Wanted the Crouch brothers sharing 2 and 3 like the Jarman brothers did.

And the 1 I accepted was Dangerfield changing from 19 to 32, not because it was 32, but it was the meaning behind forcing him out of 19. Yeah, some of the crap we did with the 19th man was cringeworthy (marching flag around oval), but other moments it was great (drowning out the siren vs Collingwood - That's 1 of 2 moments I go back to frequently on youtube).

But I look back to the past.
Ricciuto made 32 his
Goodwin made 36 his
Rehn made 52 his
Hart made 34 his

They didnt decide to go lower.

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