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  • Follow me then i will try & make plans for lunch at Sammy's or where ever in Oct
    I take that as a no Stabby
    Sorry man, I don't tend to keep track of my alerts and apparently I don't get any other notification that you've left a Visitor Message or whatever it's called nowadays! Yes of course I'll be happy to catch up in October mate :)
    Could've let Radiojake reply to me, telling me what "inane" comments I made, before closing thread. :(
    Hey Stabby, can we arrange to Set up some kind of Sticky Thread where only FAITH can post his Trade gossip so we Don't have to Sift through pages of crap in the Tippett Thread? and Perhaps ask him or Her Actual serious Questions?

    It's Cool if you can't or don't think it's necessary. Just thought it would be a good idea.

    Cheers Mate.
    Hey cmndstab, I think you wrote a while on ago on a thread that you re-watched Crows games on youtube while compiling a goal video for Taylor Walker. Can you possibly give me a link? I'm working this Friday and next Saturday if they get up :(
    hey stab. thinking about taking some photos or footage in alice next weekend. issue is data amounts. can you let me know what type of formats can be uploaded easily to bf. cheers.
    Hey Stabby,

    I'm a bit of an unco on the 'puter. Havin problems inserting images into my posts. Whats the best way to do this?

    Cheers, Footypie3
    Thanks for that, expect a bump of another thread in 9 days. :p
    It's on the Adelaide board, and it might be something now irrelevant.
    What's all this Crow-mo s**t about?
    I havn't paid too much attention recently, and now it seems to be crow-mo this and crow-mo that.
    New rule idea: Must spell proper nouns of our own players correctly, otherwise you get infracted.
    I hate reading about these mythological creatures such as Tippet, Ottens, Van Berlo etc.
    Hey, I know you've contacted Phil Harper a few times and have published his email on the board. I'm looking to get in touch with him. Would you mind passing on his email address? Thanks :)
    Did maccas no1 reply to me in the tommo selling house thread?
    And if so, what was said?
    I didn't think what I said was bad, but I see it's no longer there :(
    Thanks, It's just with work recently, had to work Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and tonight as well. Just woke up then after getting home at 5am, and I have to leave for work in abotu 2 hours. No time to do anything I want, when I'm awake.
    Can you update the OP in the draft game?
    I'm busy and dont have the time to do it atm.
    And it's falling a bit behind :/
    thanks :)
    Please, please take MAD afl fan's spot?
    I want someone else in to replace him, but I dont want someone in the comp having 2 teams, I'm not going to outright say no to him. I just want someone to come in and not allow it.
    It sets precedants that someone can have 2 teams
    1 person might pick up duds with 1 team, to allow players to slip to his other team.
    I dont like it, please come in and take control of the team, if you dont by 6pm This redistribution thingy is going ahead, everyone had an equal chance of getting the player, it was fair.
    PLEASE, take control of the team! (and maybe keep Garlett and Monfries? :p )
    Come join the AFC Draft Game this year?
    You dont need to know much about the rest of the league to be in it, heck, I've been in it for 2 years ;)
    Not really bothered about it just curious as to why you edited my post concerning our new mod ?
    Big mistake giving a red to GD brethren for a minor offence. See you in the GD trenches my dude.
    Hey Stab Hows life in Belgium?
    I had the privilege of passing through there 3 years ago on our family odyssey.
    I think we spent a total of 2 hours on the bus from Calais to Amsterdam in that lovely country Ha Ha but to be honest my only recollection was a bloody HUGE cathedral way off in the distance from the main highway.(Very impressive).
    But the thing I loved about Europe in general were the people. They love Aussies!
    We had the privilege of visiting relatives of friends from lower Bavaria and I highly recommend a visit to the Chinese Gardens in Munich and of course the Hofbräuhaus if you like traditional German oompah bands (or even if you don't) and the occasional beer.
    But if you get the chance visit Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps. (looks like the Disneyland castle)
    It is not old by European standards but has a dark and controversial history.
    But above all try to find yourself in Germany during the world cup finals as they really know how to celebrate!
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