Draft 2022 SC "DRAFT" - Teams & Draft Order

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Nov 6, 2003
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🇦🇺 🇦🇺 🇦🇺 West Adelaide

Welcome to the first season of SuperCoach Draft Stars

I'll use a random order generator .....Draft Rules will be in post #2 ....Snake Order Draft for both teams will be posted in post #3 & #4

Draft Stars 1League Code 838855Draft Stars League Code 620204
ImissFrostySam Frost Fan ClubDeezML
NSWCROWNSWCROWgothedonsWalla Magic
A Bit DustySons Of AnarchyNuggetzBondi Battlers
IngyGrasscuttersSouth of the YarraVanessa’s Gorgeous
Andrew BirchThe Night ManagerJuzzomacJuzzomac FC
stevebbbBafingwood FCfuic08Tristram Cows
GiganticZinger FingersesotericAnd they will know
buttoxLalbertTDS7Big Fig Wasps
mochacinolatteOkily DokilyHB17
RaveneyesMotown SharksMITSSmell me finger
Maybe TomorrowDeja VoodooKananook FC
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Apr 2, 2021
AFL Club
Ballsed up the midfield but thats a good looking DEF, especially with Crisp hanging around also.

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 7.59.03 pm.png

Maybe Tomorrow

Brownlow Medallist
Dec 7, 2019
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Gold Coast
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Manchester United, All Blacks
The panic of being on the clock is so different to months of nothing in classic lol.

Happy with my mid's but not much else, anyone wana trade for Rory Sloane?


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Draft Trading Rules


Nov 6, 2003
AFL Club
Other Teams
🇦🇺 🇦🇺 🇦🇺 West Adelaide
OK ...so you thought once the Draft happens ...that's it

Oh no, "sweety's" .... it is but the start of the fun .....here's your chance Raveneyes to gain back some ground ....particularly on injured players


After the draft itself, trades are unlimited but they involve plenty of interaction with the other coaches in your league.

Like in the frenzy that is AFL Trade Period, players can be traded from one team to another, provided both coaches agree to a trade.

That means if Coach 10 (as above) is desperate to get Max Gawn, he’ll likely have to put a big offer on the table to get Coach 1 to agree.

If Coach 1 finds she’s lacking depth in defenders and forwards, she may ask for Heeney (FWD) and Whitfield (DEF) in exchange for Gawn (RUC).

If both coaches agree this is fair, a trade is processed through the app and the players swap teams.

KFC SuperCoach Draft is your chance to be a list manager.


Outside of trading, there are other ways to add players to your team.

First of all, there are free agents.

Should one of your players do an ACL between your draft and Round 1, you can delist him and pick up a free agent - any player who isn’t currently on another team’s list.

First in, best dressed. Pretty simple.

Then there are waivers.

These are slightly more complicated to explain, but the good news is you probably won’t need to worry about them until Round 2, so feel free to skip this section and check back later if you just want to know the basics for now.

At the conclusion of each round, all players who aren’t on a team are automatically placed on the waiver wire.

Let’s say that North Melbourne youngster Will Phillips goes undrafted, but scores 130 on debut in Round 1.

It’s likely multiple coaches will want to bring him into their team prior to Round 2.

The waiver wire is designed to prevent the early bird from always getting the worm (in this case Phillips), and to ensure that the best free agents are distributed evenly.

Those who are keen on Phillips can submit a waiver request, saying they want to bring in Phillips in

To start the season, the waiver order is the reverse order of the draft. To continue with the earlier example, Coach 10 would be #1 on the waiver order, Coach 9 would be #2, etc.

The waiver system keeps track of which coaches have selected players via the waivers, and updates the waiver order accordingly.

Let’s say Coach 1 and Coach 2 are the only coaches to submit waiver requests for Phillips by the allotted deadline (normally a couple of days after the round ends).

Coach 2 will get Phillip and Coach 1 will miss out, but will move up the waiver order so that he gets to choose before Coach 1 next round.

The rules might sound complicated, but like any game, it’s pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 5, 2014
AFL Club
My forward line has special needs lol.

I am going to struggle early rounds - then Walsh and Greene are gonna pounce... (there was absolutely no one decent left in the forwards, I figured I was better off grabbing Greene and finding any old kent to fill in for him for the first five weeks lol)

Dylan Moore will be a surprise packet. I could have got him last pick I'm sure but after being pipped by the kents 1 or 2 picks in front of me four flucking times I decided to grab him when I could at 10.

I'm gonna need to win more than I lose in the back half of the season, that's for sure lol



Brownlow Medallist
May 21, 2013
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Arsenal, Fluminense; Blue Jays
This is what happens when you do zero research and do the draft on your phone while you're out, half while in the car


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