Competitions 2023 Essendon Board My Boy Draft! - Claim yours here

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Final Draft Order below!

Remember to tag the next person.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I cannot guarantee your safety if you select Munkara before fishardansin

without further ado
  1. Cup_o_Jobe - Alwyn Davey Jnr
  2. Zach Package - Elijah Tsatas
  3. Dave - Sam Draper
  4. I Remember Bluey - Zach Merrett
  5. citizen-erased - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
  6. fishardansin - Anthony Munkara
  7. Highly Evolved - Harrison Jones
  8. 84859300 - Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
  9. boncer34 - Sam Durham
  10. TheUnicorn - Archie Perkins
  11. Beerfish - Nic Martin
  12. Bjchan13 - Will Setterfield
  13. ant555 - Nick Bryan
  14. DERO - Darcy Parish
  15. JT_the_Man - Mason Redman
  16. naraku - Ben Hobbs
  17. Nuggs Bunny - Sam Weideman
  18. Bipolarbear - Patrick Voss
  19. Lore - Jye Caldwell
  20. Vindicater - Andy McGrath
  21. Liberator - Kyle Langford
  22. yodellinhank - Dyson Heppell
  23. eth-dog - Rhett Montgomerie
  24. TheGrizz - Jordan Ridley
  25. Yoda_ - Nik Cox
  26. Pweter - Jake Stringer
  27. Milanista28 - Jayden Davey
Supplementary Selection Period (SSP)
  • Bipolarbear - Peter Wright
  • Vindicater - Dylan Shiel
  • eth-dog - Will Snelling
  • naraku - Tex Wanganeen
  • Bjchan13 - Massimo D’Ambrosio

Cup_o_Jobe you can pick when ready.
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New Year, New opportunity to irrationally attach yourself to one of our Boys!

The premise is simple, those wanting to participate will be put in a random draft order to select a player from the Essendon list as 'your Boy'.

What does that mean? Well there are no official requirements once they are 'your boy' to do anything in particular, but you get to officially claim them as 'your boy' and pump them up/defend them/get behind them over the course of the year.

To be clear - YOU CANNOT TRADE YOUR PICK OR PLAYER. Dont ruin the fun.

Post in the thread to sign up

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Sign ups close 11.59pm tonight to get in the draft lottery!

Any sign ups after that will be added at the end of the randomized order.

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