MVP 2023 GWS MVP - Round 22 vs Port

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Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
Well, that was pretty rubbish, wasn't it? Did anyone show any redemptive fight, and deserve some votes? 15 votes to hand out - but remember, after a performance like that, you don't have to award all votes. Maximum 5 if any player did give 100% in your eyes.
5 Sam Taylor
4 Riccardi
3 Toby Greene
3 Callum Brown
5 - Tom Green
4 - Toby Greene
3 - Riccardi
2 - Taylor
1 - Briggs

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5- Toby Greene
4- Tom Green
3- Sam Taylor
2- Jake Riccardi
1- Josh Fahey

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5- Tom Green
4- Toby Greene
3- Sam Taylor
2- Jake Riccardi
1- Harry Himmelberg
5. Riccardi 4 goals on rations was a good effort
3. Toby G
3. Sam Taylor
2. Tom Green (would have been more, but a lot of fumbles in tight
1. Briggs Would have been more, but he handed it over after winning in clearance quite a bit.
1. Ash won more contests than usual and was a pretty good spark for us a lot.

Mixed bags from Green and Briggs, but more good than bad.

missed our runners I think

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