Autopsy 2024 Rd 4 Blues win in miraculous escape

Who played well for the Blues in Round 4 vs the Dockers?

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Correct. It was almost as if the holding the ball rule did not apply to Alex Pearce. He would just pick it up and burrow into a tackle like he was playing rugby!!!!
Yeah, noticed that a lot from their players, when tackled would hold the ball in instead of trying to dispose of it which would cause a ball up where they would set up numbers around the ball again. In the process very few made a genuine attempt to get rid of the ball, the only one from memory who got caught was Fyfe a couple of times from 80 tackles
Only just decompressed from that win. Wow.

Blues fans around me were weirdly composed - Freo seemed to be playing not to lose, rather than to win.

We can start winning clearances again now though thanks.
They've lost the plot, wouldn't be surprised to see their season nosedive
Me either. Plus, without looking at stats, it seems like the clubs we beat struggle a bit thereafter, so I like to think we take something out of them.
Have enjoyed listening to and watching the likes of Buckley and even Slobbo this week.

Slobbo laughing at the Freo people calling it a conspiracy. Both he and Buckley correctly stating how often the mark is paid in real time when the one-on-one defender touches the ball first.

Yet they persist with their garbage.

I have no qualms in saying that the umpiring was rubbish. It was rubbish all day - both ways - but especially those last two minutes.

Yet it took Foxtel until well after the game to find definitive footage that demonstrates both touches. The next day for the Clark punch.

Feel that even if we had a review the only thing that would have changed is that we would've gone back to the old chestnut - that the technology isn't good enough nor fast enough to provide the clear answers we need.

Have no doubt that the touches would've been paid as "insufficient evidence, umpires call."

Honestly not sure which would have infuriated them the most.

As for Clark. Can understand the dissent free. After all of the remonstrating after the call it was beyond stupid to curse, even at yoursekf, in the line of the umpire.

Has he never been in a situation where you're having an argument with someone and you might miss a lot of what is said but you know you heard something unsuitable for the situation so yoyr response is based on that? Silly lad.

But this carry on days later. That club has historically been about as relevant as the Gold Coast Suns. No wonder they continue to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

You'd think they were screwed harder than the Adelaide Crows were last year.

What a bunch of ******* cry babies :cryv1:

Charlie & Harry are double/tripled teamed most games.

HTFU Freo, you play a :poo: brand of footy!

So despite 7 of 9 goals coming from free kicks...

They've written a please explain to the AFL asking why they didn't get more

Are these campaigners actually ok?

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My 2 cents…

This whole dissent comedy with Clark is pretty funny.

The Freo captain saying the ump told him he didn’t hear the exact words is either lying or spoke with the wrong umpire!!

You can also bet that some choice words were said immediately Cottrell took the mark, as you can clearly see any docker in the vicinity remonstrating.

The umpire then sets the mark and is still having docker players carry on.

We don’t know for sure but it is very conceivable that the umpire says to any/all players to shut up and get on with it any further remonstration will result in a free.

We then clearly see Clark give the umpire a gob full when the goal goes through.

As far as I’m concerned stupid behaviour, and deserved what it got!

Can’t abuse the umps full stop!!!!!!!!

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I’m tired of hearing about the umpiring when they got 6/9 goals from frees. Live by the sword die by the sword, especially in the Gather Round atmosphere.